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League of Legends Build Guide Author azurebreath

Tank Rek new s5 build

azurebreath Last updated on April 10, 2015
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Jg route

Start golems then red then wolf thenblue then grump.
Ward the snall bush near dragon with a pink almost all game.
Remember to kill crab after you hank not or top,extra vision needed.
Once you get spirit visage you heal a lot from burrowing.
You can get devover enchantment but it'll mean you'll have to build sunfire cape.
His wave clear is really good since his q is aoe,
His e does true dmg but it's not as good anymore thanks to the nerf,
Ganking relys on you being burrowed landing your q then e to get on top of them for the w to knock up,
Don't forget to get dragon every time it's up.


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