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Tankplank - Drink Rum, Never Die

Last updated on February 25, 2012
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This build is created for and dedicated to my brother Tatravile.

This build is in my oppinion the easiest way to learn and master the besic mechanics of League of Legends. By chosing the champion Gangplank and building him according to this guide you will have a character that will easily allow any new player to excell and allow any experienced player to refine their skills.

At the top you can switch between the 2 Gangplank profiles by clicking on the portraits. Profile 1 is a smaller mastery tree showing new players where to place their mastery points first and does not contain any runes. Profile 2 shows full masteries and full runes.

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Why Gangplank?


Earn more gold with strong ranged poke Parrrley
Can heal and remove CC with Remove Scurvey
Can go for the kill or run away

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Skill Sequence

Grog Soaked Blade: Gangplank's basic attacks apply a poison debuff for 3 seconds that can stack up to 3 times. Each stack deals 3 + (1 × level) magic damage per second and slows the target by 7%.

Great passive. Makes Gangplank's chasing ability almost