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Taric - Arstica's guide

Last updated on September 24, 2010
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so hi, in game i m Arstica, i loved taric till the very end starting :) i keep learning every time i play him.

for me this build means much, you can play taric as a tank, ap or even support !
i do it like half ap half support coz you can kill and heal at the same time

you may watch and the beggining with that skill sequence that if you start getting hurt alot then you may start using more on imbue instead of shatter... anyway i think my way is also good, because with mana and hp regen , from philosopher's stone, you keep alive all the way till your enemy is dead :D

anyway i have cd reduc on rune build because you may catch the enemies faster and stay alive longer ! remember as long as you keep hitting the target your imbue cd is reduced ! that helps on you and also on team mates ;). as you see i use magic pen also to herlp a bit vs enemies

i think i don't have much more to say ... so europeans !!!! come on LoL and add me in it :) Arstica

Best regards, and good luck :D