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Teemo Hybrid Build! (S6: 6.18)

Last updated on September 22, 2016
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Do your want your Teeto game play to be more then just a joke to the other summoners? GREAT! This build and guide will not only help you in norms but will crush your enemies in ranked! The best part of the build is once you get your Gunblade you can one shot those filthy mid lane mages that seek to ruin your teemo fun by not being auto attacking champions! You should rotate mid after your gunblade purchase, and sit near your laner. Wait for the mid laner to jump at him and one shot their midlaner like it's not big deal! And in your victory screen, while all your defeated enemies are yelling at eachother for not buying enough pink wards, you can check out your 40k damage in a 30 minute game! Also remember your shrooms in the mid game are not going to be very painful, so don't rely on them to win you fights! Try to use your Gunblade and Q to poke them low, the going for an all in. You can use your shrooms to protect your lane from ganks tho, giving good vision and slowing the enemies that run through them.