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Teemo Shrooms TIME

Last updated on October 6, 2012
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Playing AP teemo

As AP teemo your main dmg are poisons ans SHROOMS, Teemo got fast Attack Speed without items with increased Attack Speed, so i buy only malady for Attack speed, i select poisons in 5v5, in 3v3 versus 3 AD melee dmgers i select blind dart as first spell, Void staff for magic pene to better dmg with darts, Rabbadon because its passive.. Malady for passive and attack speeed ( DOUBLE POISONS) Rylais Scepter for HP and AP,

Putting Shrooms
i put shrooms everywhere, in bushs, before dragon and baron, behind and before turrets, to slow enemies or to kill them (when they are close to you)

Only last hit, sometimes take Ghosts or Red/blue Buff in jungle, in 3v3 green or red

To help teamates use blind on AD Dmgers, and spam low hp champs, put shrooms and try to not ks with poisons :)

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Summoner Spells

Summoners spellsfor teemo
Select Flash at all, then ghost or exhaust