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Teemo Build Guide by Allenon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allenon

Teemo the Farmer

Allenon Last updated on April 11, 2013
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Teemo the Farmer

Teemo Build

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General rule for this build

This build is not for getting kill after kill, some players don't know how to play like that. this build is farm jumping lane to lane mow out the minions as fast as possible, and to deal wide damage in team fight. This build lowers armor and magic resist of a group fast allowing for quick dispatch of champions.

Early game it is your goal to farm the best you can until you get your hurricane, after you get that you can clear your lane and push at your leisure with little fear of missing a minion. Dop not forgot you still have a champion in your lane to worry about.

Mid game will allow you more chances to leave your lane to help push another. Since your able to push sop fast this will be easy and short work. When pushing a lane try to avoid a good push with only a couple minions, wait till a fresh group joins you. As Teemo don't forget using your mushrooms to ward and watch your map, pushing is not one of the things you want to do when enemy champions are missing.

Late game will give you the most time to pushing lanes, play smart and jump lane to lane, you are much faster than most champs are. In team fights your job is still to aim for the squishy targets, your damage is not that high for 1v1 but all the damage you enable will make up for it. If your not close enough to a team fight you will have to push a lane as fast as you can, as soon as you see champions branch away from the team fight run, if they stay in their team fight push farther, regardless you need to leave the area if you lose sight on any of them and suspect they are coming for you.

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Take slightly more defensive runes your job with this build is to allow your team to deal more damage so you need to live for as long as you can.

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Your gonna want to take MR and armor in your defensive spec using 9 points. Make sure you take armor and magic pen to ensure you still are dealing some damage, 21 points.