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The Bangin', Spankin', Kassadin Assassin Guide (Preseason 7)

AnActualShark Last updated on December 30, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Kassadin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie You can negate her damage with your Q and retaliate with your own spells. Be careful if she has stun and ult as she dismember you with Tibbers if she lands it. Dodge her W and ult with your own ult as this will make her waste her stun, and put two of her damaging abilities on cooldown, giving you either a kill, make her flash, or win the trade.
Lux Dodging her skillshots are easier because of your passive, and negate her damage with Q. Once you have ult, you can burst her down by blinking through her skillshots and doing your E-Q-W combo. Dodge her snare instead of her slow so as you are not an easy target if she decides to ult you. Be wary of enemy ganks though since she can lock you down early-game, making you an easy target.
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Hello everyone! I am An Actual Shark, call me Sharky, and this is my Kassadin Build Guide! When I started League, Kassadin was one of the first champions I ever played, and I got hooked instantly. It takes some getting used to his fast playstyle, but once you get the hang of it, you can carry games with his insane damage and low cooldowns.

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Pros and Cons

-High Mobility
-Great against AP champions
-Great at dueling 1v1
-Ok early-game
-Devastating late-game
-Weak against AD champions, especially during early-game
-Hard to escape crowd control without ult or flash
-Hard to clear minion waves without wasting E
-Melee AP carry, meaning can get poked by by ranged enemy laners, which include most AP opponents

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Early-game (0-10 minutes)

At the start of the match, buy your starting items and head to lane. With the AP from Doran's Ring and my recommended runes, your Q should do enough damage to zone out your opponents. Zoning out your enemy laner is very important, since you need to get close to the minion wave to farm. Once you and your enemy laner hit level 3, you would most likely have all of your basic abilities ready, so always expect a trade. As much as possible, try not to use your Q and E to farm, especially E since you need 6 spells cast near you before you can use it again, and save them when your enemy initiates. If versus an AP laner, always play defensive and let them initiate first, so you can shield yourself with Q and then hit the rest of your abilities. Always be more careful against an enemy AD laner, since your shield and passive do not reduce their damage. Once you get your ult trading becomes a bit easier since you can blink either away or through their skillshots, letting you get to safety or burst them down, respectively. Always get Rod of Ages first since it gives you health and mana. I recommend the Blasting Ward as a first back item instead of Catalyst is because you already have mana sustain from W, and against an AP champion your health will not be in much danger because of your passive and shield. I recommend buying Catalyst as a first back item only if you are losing lane, or against an AD champion like Zed.

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Mid-game (10-25 minutes)

Once you have ult and Rod of Ages, buy boots and start looking for opportunities to gank. Kassadin has great mobility with his ult, and it makes ganking easier since it serves as his gap-closer. Gank top if your toplaner is getting stomped by an early-game champion like Riven or Yasuo. Gank bot so that your ADR has a better chance of killing his/her enemy laner, and subsequently getting more and more fed. Ganking also increases your gold income if you get the kill, either accidentally or on purpose. But always keep in mind that by ganking, you leave your lane vulnerable, so only gank if you're sure you can, without endangering your turret. Once you have enough gold, start building a Morellonomicon, or a Zhonya's Hourglass, depending on the situation. I personally go Nomicon first for better kill potential, but I get Zhonya's if I'm against a Zed or I'm constantly getting ganked and crowd controlled. Once you have two main AP items for your build, upgrade your boots to Sorcerer's Shoes to give you Magic Penetration.

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Late-game (25-__ minutes)

Having two core items, plus Sorcerer's Shoes, you should have enough damage to obliterate the enemy squishies. At this time, some towers are already destroyed, either yours or the enemy team's. If you're losing, I recommend getting more defensive items that increase your survivability, like Rylai's, Abyssal Scepter, and Guardian Angel. Otherwise, augment your damage even more with Rabadon's Deathcap as a third AP item. After that I get a Rylai's, since it works both offensively and defensively. It gives you health, which is valuable since you need to get into melee range to destroy opponents, more AP, and a slow on all of your abilities. Lastly, get a Lich Bane for more W (passive and active) damage and mobility. All this can guarantee you a kill, in a 1v1 fight lasting 1-2 seconds at best.

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Trading, Dueling and Teamfighting

When dueling, first consider if the champion is AP or AD. If the champion is AP, let them initiate so that you can put up your Q shield and let it absorb as much damage as possible, then use E and W. This usually assures that you win the trade/duel with more health, and the mana you lost using your abilities restored with your W. If the champion is AD, however, your Q shield and passive does not negate any of their damage, so play defensively and dodge their skillshots before doing your combo. Getting ult increases your chances of winning any trade/duel, because you can use it to instantly reposition yourself multiple times in the fight, either blinking away or through their skillshots. With some of their abilities on cooldown, you have a better chance of outdamaging them.

In teamfights, Kassadin works best by assassinating the squishy enemy backline by ulting to them and doing your E-Q-W combo. NEVER ULT INTO AN ENEMY TEAM IF YOUR TEAM DID NOT ENGAGE. Doing so would usually result in your instant demise, unless you manage to get out by flashing then ulting out. In the late-game your ult is most likely on a 2 second cooldown, so the best way to help during a teamfight is by jumping from one enemy squishy to the next, bursting them down with your low-cooldown combo. Always be on the move, repositioning with ult and flash (though try to save flash for escaping), because if you're locked down, you can count yourself dead already. Prioritize the ADC or APC, then any other squishy. Let your team handle the tanks and stick to your job, which is quick assassination, then either jumping out of the fight or picking another target to bury into the ground.


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Thank you very much for reading my Kassadin Guide, and I hope that I helped you understand how to play and carry him. If you're having a hard time at first, don't worry I've been there. Practice makes perfect. Keep casting, fellow summoner!