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The Tower Dives For Days (Literally)

Spudicus Last updated on November 26, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Dr. Mundo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali So easy. Shut her down early. If she shrouds, just walking and run around with you're fire.
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Hi. My name is Spudicus Stew. Or at least my summoner name is. I am a Dr. Mundo main. Dr. Mundo is the guy who tanks a tower for a full minute while the rest of his team kills everyone and gets the tower. Just won a team fight and there are no minions to get the tower? Call Dr. Mundo. He can fight Baron , do a team fight, win the team fight, get Dragon , and come out with full health. The sustain with this guy is insane. I have always hated getting bullied in lane. So I started playing Dr. Mundo. He just heals back any poke you receive. So few people play this champion anymore. I think I have only gone against another Dr. Mundo maybe 5 or 6 times. Im hoping this guide will help you get to learn this great champion or at least get better at him. This guide is still a work in progress but I don't get a lot of time to work on it. So with out ado lets get into it.

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Pros / Cons

* Super tank
* Crazy health regen
* Long range poke
* High tenacity
* One of the highest AD steroids in game
* Very annoying in lane

* Squishy early game
* Uses own health for abilities
* No escape besides ult
* Damage reliant on cleavers
* Cant carry a team by himself
* Falls off late game

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Champion Abillities

Adrenaline Rush: You passively heal based on your max health.

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Infected Cleaver: (Q) You throw a cleaver in a strait line and it deal current percent health damage and slows.
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Burning Agony (W): You're so tanky you can light yourself on fire to do damage to enemies in an area around you. Somehow lighting yourself on fire boosts your tenacity.
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Masochism: (E) You increase your attacks to hit like a truck for 5 seconds. You get increased AD when you have less percent HP. Your fisrt attack does extra damage based on your max HP and gain range.
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Sadism: (R) You take a percentage chunk of your current health to heal for a percentage of your max health over 12 seconds and you get increased movement speed.
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Skill Sequence

No matter what, max your Infected Cleaver. It is amazing damage and poke. If you have already gotten fed you can max Masochism for some crazy one shot damage. Otherwise max Burning Agony for wave clear and long team fight damage. Without explanation always max Sadism at levels 6-11-16.

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Seal of Scaling Health for the late game. Mark of Magic Penetration for your cleavers and fire. Most people take all tanky runes. I think Mark of Magic Penetration are superior because you already going to get very tanky and so some extra damage is good. Glyph of Magic Resist because you don't really build a bunch of MR in your build. Quintessence of Percent Health to get more tankier. (Yes I just said more tankier)

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First of all, you will need tons of mana with Dr. Mundo. Nobody ever thinks you're a troll when you build mana on Dr. Mundo ;). On a serious thought just build your first item against your lane buddy and then build against their team. If they have a fed Veigar then build more MR or tons of health. Always build Spirit Visage even if they only have one guy who does one magic damage ability. It's passive increase your healing and Dr. Mundo does a lot of healing. I have only not built it twice. Building as Dr. Mundo is not hard. Just build tank, specifically health. Only build Thornmail if they have tons of AD/a fed Master Yi.

Doran's Shield

This is what I start no matter what. With this, one Health Potion and a Warding Totem you should be able to stay in lane far more than your opponent.

Sunfire Cape

This item is amazing. As a tank you will be next to enemies for a while. When you practically have 2 Burning Agony's, it's gg. Plus the health and armor is great too.

Spirit Visage

This item was made for you. Health, MR, CDR, and increased healing. Need I say more?

Dead Man's Plate

Amazing. Health, Armor, and a passive. you get increased MS and a slow. Amazing.


I only build this one if they have an ADC or AA reliant champion fed. It is a great item against people like Master Yi, Tryndamere, or Vayne.

Frozen Mallet

I love this item. Good health, AD, and slows on each AA. I build almost every game.

Titanic Hydra

When it is team fights left and right or you are needed to split push you build this. Health, AD, and your AA scale with HP in a cone attack. Very good.

Warmog's Armor

HEALTH. You just won a team fight and you tanked 5 people and a turret. You used your ult and you are low on health. just don't take damage for 8 seconds and its like your ult Sadism is back on. :)

Randuin's Omen

Health, armor, AS slow, crib reduction, and a slow. When their ADC builds crit or they have a Yasuo.

Guardian Angel

Armor and MR and a second life. I only build it when I get focused in team fights first.

Zz'Rot Portal

Armor and MR. SPLIT PUSH. Only build it when you need to split push like crazy.

Banshee's Veil

Health, MR. When they have lots of CC and AP.


Mercury's Treads

MR and tenacity. I build it when they have mostly AP.

Ninja Tabi

Armor and AA damage reduction. I build it when they have mostly AD.

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Your Role

As a top laner and tank you have jobs. You need to know about each and every champion. You must know whether a champion does magic damage and you need to build Spirit Visage first or if they do physical damage and you need to build a Sunfire Cape or Dead Man's Plate first. You have to know that an enemy Corki does mixed damage, a Riven will do only physical damage, and a Veigar will do only magic damage. If an enemy team has lots of CC, then you need to buy Mercury's Treads
In team fights, your jobs includes; blocking any and all skill shots, sticking to enemy carries or protecting yours, and don't die.

You must get attention. If the other lanes aren't doing good, you need to either roam or do whatever you can to call the enemy jungler to you. Make the enemy mid laner come to you so you can soak up lots of pressure and give your team breathing room. You can do this because you are just so tanky and you can almost always get away if you have your ultimate on. If you have a good chance, have the bottom lane deep ward and make a Teleport bottom and maybe take a tower.

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Farming with Dr. Mundo is clockwork. I farm with Infected Cleaver if I'm not going to poke my lane buddy in the next 4 seconds. Use E Masochism if you miss judge your attack strength for an AA reset. Use Burning Agony if there are at least 3+ minions that would get hit. I usually don't turn on Burning Agony until levels 5 and up. I will only turn it on pre level 6 if I'm trading with my lane buddy.