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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebbe38

Tips to many heros!

Ebbe38 Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Swain Build

Heeey! in this build will i tell you some basic game play tips about some champions that can be too great help!

Twich:dont forget too "Q then B when you recall for get invisbility while you recall"

Swain: Best burst comobo is "R-W-E-Q" you will blow up everyone with that ;)

AP Shaco: the best item with AP shaco is Hextech Gunblade and your shiv ability its make a HUGE damage vs ryse and alot of people with low HP. "Jack in a box" is an awesome attack if you got mutch ability power and time, thorw out maybe 4-6 in same place and wait till someone go into that trap! <-- test that, it will burst your enemy down in 2 sec.

for people that is noob with kennen is a good harras tips thorw you shurkey and when you hit make your "W" skill will do alot of dmg, if its imposible to hit with shurkey so just aouto shot him when you got 4 staks on aout attack then "W"

And im so sorry for my bad english....
Please Coment tips and rate :) will try to update to more heros later!