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Top Lane Rengar

Last updated on October 18, 2012
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Chapter 1

This is how i build my rengar. You dont have to take the Ninja Tabis, if you have an AP against you or much CC then take Mercs.
The only disadvantage of this build is, u have NO LIFESTEAL. But u are quite tanky and if you need, you just heal instead of bursting. easy way to lifesteal, tell the support to get an zekes herold.
i dont have much problems on my top lane with Rengar and this build. Most annoying opponent is teemo. Then Jacye (cause of his knock back). Renekton is very hard too. Easy Opponents are Cho Gath, Jax, Gangplank, well nearly very champ.

Start with Boots and 3 health pots
after that get a Phage and counter Boots (Ninjas or Mercs)
then get the Bonetooth necklace
Finish your TrinForce, get Warmogs
Then Atmas or Maw (depends on enemy team more AP -Maw first more AD atmas first)