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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzaSheep

Tower Defense Custom Mode

ItzaSheep Last updated on June 13, 2013
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Tower Defense is a custom mode in which players capture only one of the points on the Crystal Scar and protect it. This can be played in Blind, Draft, and Random and is best played 5v5 or 3v3.

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Players must defend their captured point from the enemy team while attempting to take their capture point 3 times.

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There are roles in this game that players must play. They can choose defense or offense.

OFFENSE: Offense must attempt to assault the enemy capture point as much as possible. Offense cannot be near their ally capture point.
DEFENSE: Defense must defend their point. They must stay at their capture point and cannot leave.

For 5v5, there must be 2 defense, and 3 offense per team.

For 3v3, there must be 1 defense, and 2 offense per team.

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- Only Defense can recall.

- You cannot capture any point at the start of the match besides the top left/right point depending on your team.

- Guardian Angel is not allowed for Offensive players.

- After successfully capturing the enemy point as Offense, every player must recall while the enemy team recaptures their point.

- After one team wins, the opposing team must surrender.

- If there isn't a single Defender alive, then the Offenders can defend!

- Garrison is only allowed on a Defender.

- Offenders can only have 3 CORE items plus boots.


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