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Tristana A Howling Commando

Last updated on November 23, 2010
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This build is fairly simple.We will focus with her weakness and then her strengths and strategy followed by Explanations.

1.Tristana At The Start Has Many Mana Issues This Is Our Reason For Greater Seal Of Intellect
2.Tristana Can Be Squished By LS Characters Such As Vladimir For This Encounter We Need To Use The 3-Hit-Combo Which Is Rocket Jump-Explosive Shot-Ignite Then Simply Box The Character Out But We Need Mana Which Is Another Reason For Greater Seal Of Intellect
1.Tristana Can Pick Off Enemy Health Especially Melee Utilize This To Get Your Enemy To 35% health afterwards If Your Enemy Does Not Flee Use The 3-Hit-Combo To Knock Him Out While He Runs Critical Damage Is Important Which Is Our Main Reason For Crit Runes
2.Tristana Can Be A Good Ganker So Always Get Mid Then After 1Kill And Level 7 Start Ganking Enemies With 50-60% HP To Get An Advantage
3.Tristana Is An AD(Ability Damage) So She Is Especially Good At Tower Knocking Utilize And Keep This In Mind

Thank you and leave a Comment and RatingI'm Off To Play Tristana