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Turn On The Jets

Last updated on May 23, 2016
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Early - Mid Game

Start bot side and skip your buffs only get the little camps, if possible try get both scuttle crabs to help you team but to level you up faster. Back once you have cleared your little camps, back and by your skirmish blade and boots if you are able to. Go back to your jungle and clear your buffs you should get level 6, also make sure you ward when skipping your buffs at the start to ensure no one is taking your camps. Once this is complete try and look for easy kills in lane to pick up few kill to help you build your items quicker, if not successful at your ganks try counter jungle and take your opponents camps and if she is near by don't hesitate to 'Turn On Your Jets' by using ghost. If you are fed continue building your items and carry the game enjoy this build.


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