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twich: dominion is your sewer

Last updated on November 11, 2011
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hello, my screen name is 88zachary88, but feel free to call me Zach, whereas i could do like many people do and claim that English is my second language when its my first so u don't get mad, im gonna tell you straight up that English is my first language but my education is in french and i will only spend enough time correcting this to be rid of any obvious errors, this being said, lets get back on topic...

this guide is how i play twitch in dominion with great results, i play him like a rammus/teemo type where i ninja around with stealth on and cap enemy points behind there lines, then GTFO, but also with some devastating 1on1 damage output and teamfight potential.

i decided to make this guide after finding that there were (for the most part) only 2 types of twitch dominion builds out there, the "full ninja" (boots of mobility, 4 phantom dancers and a pristhilas) and the full damage output twitch build, both of which (imo) do not make use of twitches full potential. also, this is my first guide on this site and ive felt like ive been mooching from the community here and i wanted to give back.