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Udyr Fenix (Jungle)

NekoDarky Last updated on July 19, 2016
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Pros / Cons

Much movement speed close to 400/500
Great CC with E, gauntlet and Randuin
45% cd>pose Spam
Much hp
Great Dives with W+E
fast split push wirt Q+R or only R
Easy shut down turrets with Q
Great Armor/MR and hp Regen
Remember blind of teemo and other pjs doesnt cancer hit effects like phoenix and bear, keep it in mind at time of gank
Decrease on late game
Need some kills at start for rush core
Counter Jungle can destroy u if u dont have E
Needs a lot of practice

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Skill Sequence

Skills are variable depending on start and what u wanna do:
Farm fast: team mates are pushing and they dont need a gank: max R, put 2 or 3 points on Q and start upgrading W for some sustain in jg, use E to move in camps
Early Gank: U can gank with W+E and when u hit the stun try to get him with a Q+R combo, the burst of Q dmg plus phoenix initial dmg is absurd.
Counter Jungle: Start with R if u are close, then hit with E+Q+R, make sure is 1v1, if not, run with W+E
Don't be afraid of waste flash, flash and smite have a 15% less time cause of masterys


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