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Ultimate Crit Trynd

Last updated on September 28, 2010
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Ok... this build, once done, is pwnage. Obviously, this is a late-game build. If you can work up to it, you'll end up doing 1885 dmg every hit. That's a lot of damage, folks. With 15% lifesteal, that's around 270 hp recovered per hit. So yeah... If you can get this, you will be the king. And with Tryn's ult, you'll be invincible. This build will probably only be completed in an insanely long game. That being said, if you get it, they will crumble. Two hits on almost anyone and said person is dead. That's pwnage.
This would be good for a 1.5 hour game where your build is already there, and you've got loads of gold. You suddenly switch to this build, and they die. Good tactic, if you can pull it off. ;)