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Ultimate Jungle Tank

Last updated on April 24, 2013
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When jungling voli you want to be very active in ganking. He is faster than everyone with his Q and movement quints early game so take advantage. Start wolves, blue, ghost, red getting one level in each spell then gank immediatley (dont be mislead if u have low health, your passive makes enemies think your weaker than you are). Volis items are expensive so some early game kills can get you out ahead. Late game your going to want to play one of two rolls. If your tame is a very tanky team you might want to split push and let them push together and you by yourself. This is because he is a great pusher, hard to beat 1v1 and fast enough to get to them if needed. If you are the only tank voli is a great initiater. Stay with the team, your support should have some type of shield to put on you or movement buff and you can initiate when the oppurtunity presents itself. Your Q makes you perfect for getting strait to there carry and flipping him to your team.

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3 Movement speed quints
9 attack dmg marks
9 armor seals
9 mag. resist glyphs

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9 offensive
21 defensive
0 utility

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Skill Sequence