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Urgot NEW Meta: Urglord's Top Guide **With Videos!**

Urglord Last updated on December 13, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiora Take ignite versus her, use your ultimate for the damage reduction and make sure you keep moving inbetween auto attacks during her ultimate so she can't hit all four quadrants of your champion. Be careful not to use your E or ultimate when she uses her Parry. Also, avoid fighting her before the creep wave arrives level 1, her dash and autos have the potential to outdamage you. Just make sure to get harass off on her before you all in and the lane is yours.
Rengar Take Ignite. It's easy to predict where to shoot your E if he continually jumps from bushes to farm. If he tries to jump on you level 2, you should be strong enough to stand and fight. If you are able to land your E on him before he ults to run away, you can still hit him assuming you accurately guess which direction he runs in.
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Hello! Welcome to Urglord's Guide to Top

I'm a Diamond Urgot main who usually plays the Top or Mid positions. I've amassed over 650,000 Mastery Points on Urgot across my smurfs and have played over 650 games on him last season. This guide is going to be focused on the strategy I used to get to Diamond, which is creating an advantage early in the game, and using that to kill your opponent. This is done through maximizing the benefits we can get through our runes and masteries, and using that to punish our opponent in lane.

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Great Harass
Good at Kiting
Counters Melee
Damage Reduction on Ultimate for 1v1s
Strong Kill Potential in Team Fights
Very High Armor Reduction
People will be jealous

Zero Escapes / Low Mobility
Countered by Tank Tops
Prone to getting camped by enemy jungler if your flash is on CD
Short AA Range
Mana Dependent
Only 3 Skins

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Macro Strategy



If you are over aggressive early and the wave starts to be pushed towards your opponent's tower, you are fresh meat sitting out in the open for the enemy jungler. All he has to do is get your flash in the first gank, and then swing back around in 5 minutes for the kill. It takes a certain degree of skill to not push your lane and auto attack harass at the same time, as attacking your opponent will cause their creeps to attack you, which in turn passively pushes the wave. Walking in and out of the bushes to lose aggro can reduce this effect.

When the wave begins to push towards you, try to stay only a few creeps behind your opponent in XP, so you can hit level 2 without getting zoned. It's worth getting pushed in level 1 to prevent getting ganked by the jungler. This also gives the potential for your jungler to gank, assisted by the slow on your amplified W autos or Qs. While the wave is pushed towards you, you want to be trying to land your E when they go in to last hit. With practice, this can be done consistently on melee champions as they have no choice but to go in eventually to hit the creeps. Even more so if a cannon creep is about to die.

The ideal scenario at this point is for your lane to be frozen towards your tower, and your opponent being zoned from farming. After this you should wait for your jungler to gank or go in for the solo kill. After, make sure to push your wave into their tower after they die so it begins to push back towards you as you walk back to lane. If all of this was done correctly you should have a strong lead and be able to continue zoning your opponent as the wave pushes back towards you again.

If your opponent tries to go aggressive level 1, don't hesitate, you have the advantage. Here are some examples of various early game kills:

Using your flash to land a final auto attack to secure the kill will surprise your opponent. They will be focusing on dodging your Q that would kill them, so it is smart to flash as you shoot the final Q, so you can get a free auto attack which finishes them off.


At this point, you should have already won your lane and should try to push down your tower with the help of your jungler. If your jungler isn't topside be careful not to get ganked by a mid roam or jungler as you push. You should aim at getting Black Cleaver as quickly as possible, in order to reach 35% CDR (w/ our Scaling CDR glyphs and 5% from masteries) for the 4Q combo. If you started with an alternate rune page, consider buying CDR boots, or possibly another CDR item later in the game. Just before your tear reaches 750/750 is when you will want to recall and buy your Manamune. When Muramana is completed, and your 4Q combo is ready to be unleashed, you will be able to 100-0 people with the thunderlord proc thrown in as well.

Regardless if you are fed or not, you will want to try to be making picks with your ultimate. This can be done by using a sweeper trinket at level 9 and clearing vision of contested areas. It's very important to take advantage of your level 11 and 16 ultimate spikes. Many opponents are unfamiliar with Urgot's R range, and the increase from level 1 range can surprise the squishy targets you are trying to get to. Using flash in conjuction with this increased range can lead to easy picks. Here are some examples:

If you are unable to make any picks and both teams are starting to group, you have two choices. One being if you are fed, the other being if you are not fed. During teamfights, if you are fed, you will want to perform what I like to call Urgot's secret forbidden technique, the "Hyper Kinetic ADC ********er", and here are a few examples of this:

As seen in these examples, the goal of this strategy is to use R on an enemy frontliner, and instantly go after the ADC with an E and follow up with 4Q execution. If you have ignite, it works even better. Landing the fear on multiple opponents is best. If performed correctly you just initiated a teamfight and killed the enemy ADC, putting your team way ahead.

If you aren't super fed, this strategy has a less likely chance of being able to 100-0 the enemy ADC. If you were to ult in and not finish them off, you would quickly die and potentially lose the team fight. In this scenario you want to stay back and use your ultimate as peel for the most fed member of your team or adc. Use Muramana and E's armor reduction to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy front liners.


Something that I won't necessarily be able to teach in this guide, but is very detrimental to being a good Urgot player, is Jungler Awareness. By this, I mean being able to predict when and where the enemy jungler is. Even if you only have a few wards, it's critical to realize where he isn't. For instance, if you look towards the bot side of the map and see that we have their tri-brush and chickens warded, and no jungler is anywhere to be seen, that means there is a high chance the enemy jungler is somewhere in the fog of war top side. Also, even if your team has no wards, but the enemy jungler doesn't appear to countergank bot lane or mid, that should be a red flag that he can be nearby and ready to kill you.

The difference between a dead Urgot player and a good Urgot player is knowing when to be aggressive, and when to play it smart and freeze the lane.

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Micro Strategy

Where macro strategy is more about how you should think of playing throughout the entirety of the game, micro strategy is the individual scenarios you should be able to recognize during the game, and make use of them to gain advantages. These are more or less ordered in the order of which you will use them in game, i.e. early game ---> late game.

1. The 2 auto + Q Thunderlord's proc

In the very early game, it can be easy to get two auto attacks and a Q off on your opponent, which is all it takes to proc Thunderlord's. By looking at the tooltip for the Thunderlord's cooldown, you can effectively time when you should be aggressive to maximize trades to your benefit. Doing this also increases the ratio of mana to damage that you get. Simply Auto-Q-Auto, and back off to prevent them getting any return damage on you.

2. Guaranteeing harass with E

The most important part about Urgot countering melee champions, is that at some point they MUST go in to last hit the cs. This is their weak-point because they have to stand still and can't dodge our E while last hitting. So it's up to us to watch them closely and see they which creeps are low health and about to be auto attacked. If you cast E every time they get near a creep, good opponents will begin to anticipate your E and be able to dodge it. Try to hold on to the E unless you are sure you won't miss it, if you do miss, it can relieve a lot of pressure for your enemy and allow them to farm creeps freely for ~15 seconds. Consistently landing your E will easily give you kill potential in your lane. This works to some extent on ranged champions, they have to stand still to auto attack as well, but is more difficult due to them being farther behind their wave.

3. Walking away and turning to hit the 3rd Q

When you are able to hit your E in lane, most of the time you should be able to land 3Qs on your opponent by chasing them down the lane, however, if laning against champions with gap closers like Renekton or Riven, they can often escape your range after only 2Qs. What I mean by 'walking away and turning' is to pretend like you are no longer trying to chase your opponent and walking back towards the wave after getting 2Qs off. This will most of the time prompt your opponent to start walking back towards the wave as well. Instead of completely walking back to the creeps, you can turn around again after they are a bit closer to you and land the final Q. Then just continue to back off and let your cooldowns come back up.

4. The 3Q + Thunderlord's execution

This combo early in the lane is one of Urgot's greatest tools to finish off an opponent. They either may be trying to stay for a little bit more gold or are just too stupid to realize your kill potential on them. Either way, this is the way it works.

The most important thing about this strategy, is you realizing that you have the potential in damage to kill them, and going in for the kill.

5. The 4Q + Thunderlord's execution

Similar to the 3Q + Thunderlord's combo, the 4Q can only be done after you reach ~35% CDR. This is why I like to take scaling CDR glyphs in addition to the 20% CDR from Black Cleaver and 5% CDR from the Intelligence mastery. Right around the time we get Black Cleaver (~level 11), our scaling glyphs will give us 10% CDR to meet the 35% threshold. The 4Q is Urgot's bread and butter in the midgame. The most important part is for you to realize when you can finish your opponent with the full combo, or to get less Qs off instead and back off to avoid dieing. This is by far my favorite combo to pull off on people!

6. Mana management

There are a lot of times even for me when opponents will get away due to me not having enough mana in lane to finish them off. It's even worse if I wasted any summoners at that point and they still got away. Before you use any summoners in lane to go in for a kill, make sure you have enough mana to do whatever combo you need to finish them off, 2Q, 3Q, etc. The Q costs 40 mana at all ranks, and the E costs 50/55/60/65/70. So in order to finish someone off in lane early with the 2Q it's ~130 mana and with the 3Q it's ~170 mana. Just try your best to memorize these numbers and wait before going all in if you're low on mana.

7. Using Q to indefinitely farm the wave

When in a losing match up in lane, and are trying to stall for time before you will recall, we can take advantage of Urgot's Q passive in order to keep farming the wave from a distance. The Q refunds 20 mana (50% of cost) when the Q kills an enemy unit. This passive allows us to indefinitely keep farming from a safe distance while we stall for time to get gold in order to reach our best possible recall. If you do miss a Q, however, you'll have to wait a decent amount of time before mana regeneration can get you back up to 40 mana in order to cast another Q.

In general, before we get our tear in lane you don't necessarily want to continuously farm with Q, even if it refunds mana. Doing so will still progressively waste your mana which could otherwise be spent harassing your opponent. This method should only be used when being threatened with kill potential from your opponent or are too low on mana to effectively fight them and just stalling for gold/time.

8. Recalling optimally

This doesn't apply only to Urgot, this is more of a general strategy for all champions. You want to try your best to recall when you have the exact amount of gold you need to buy whatever items you need. For instance, in early lane we can recall at 400g (for tear if we started mana crystal and TP), at 750g (tear + longsword), or 1150(tear + 2 longswords). We generally don't want to stay longer than this threshold for our first back or it will delay our tear stacking. Past this point just do your best to plan how much gold you need for your items and recall accordingly. It really sucks when you recall and are short just a couple hundred gold from a big purchase.

9. Charging tear while walking to lane

Once you get your tear, the most important thing is making sure you can get to 750/750 as fast as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to spam Q while walking back to lane from base, and using Q to farm the creeps that get low. Since Q and tear both refund mana, once we purchase the tear we don't necessarily have to be worried about running out of mana as much as we were before we purchased it. You will take slightly longer to get back to lane spamming Q, however it is a very small difference (~1-2 seconds). Try your best to watch the cooldown of the tear in your inventory to see when to cast Q and stack the tear most efficiently.

It's even possible to get your tear level one and start charging immediately! If you start mana crystal, your team invades, AND you happen get first blood, you'll have enough gold to recall and buy tear level 1, which can be fully charged by 16 minutes. More than not Urgot will be the person who gets the kill due to his high damage Q spam level 1.

10. Using your R

There are several things you can do with R other than our typical midgame combo. When in 1v1 duels, its damage reduction as well as our passive makes us very hard to damage. It's good to cast your ultimate whenever you are expecting to take a high amount of damage or fighting a fed opponent right as they engage you. We can also use our ultimate to cancel enemy teleports in the top lane. It's very important to keep vision on your enemy when they walk away from lane. If you suspect they may be trying to teleport, follow them and cancel it with R. If taking ignite, you can ignite squishy opponents at the same time as R to guarantee vision with the ignite passive. When being trapped in by multiple opponents, use R then Flash to make a clean get away.

11. Correctly chaining your abilities

Urgot is unique among a lot of champions in the sense of him having very low cooldown abilities. So what we want to do with that fact is correctly cast our abilities in an order that maximizes our dueling potential. Here are a few examples of what I mean by this.

In these videos, I cast any combination of Qs, autos, and my E before ulting my opponent. Since my cooldowns are very low, the 1 second suppression of my ultimate actually works to my advantage of allowing my cooldowns to come back up while my opponent and I are suppressed. Essentially, just regurgitate your whole combo on them, ult, and regurgitate it again.

12. Kiting/Chasing with Deadman's Plate

Deadman's Plate is one of my favorite 3rd items to build because it meshes with Urgot's kit really well. His W slow and Black Cleaver speed boost from empowered Qs is enhanced by the momentum passive in Deadman's. You can either flee from an entire enemy team, Qing them the entire time from a safe distance, or you can indefinitely chase Qing over and over until they die! It's also smart to avoid auto attacking in some situations to keep momentum at 100 stacks, but you'll need good judgement for that.

13. Using W to bait opponents

If you are super low health, a lot of the time enemies will try to go in on you for the kill. Knowing this, you can bait them into attacking you, only to cast W at the last second and stay alive. It can be pretty dangerous to make this gamble in some situations, but really isn't that hard to do if you properly time your W.

14. Using E over wall to get vision for R

A kind of technical thing about the E a lot of good Urgot players will use to their advantage is the E giving vision in fog of war. I use this a lot to check if bushes have control wards or if someone might be sitting in the bush waiting for me to face check. The E's vision radius is very small, it only gives vision inside the cast radius of the E itself, however if you can predict where an opponent is walking through the fog of war, you can surprise them with an E and ultimate casted over the wall. Chaining your abilities correctly afterwards can work just like our regular Urgot engage and will have a very high potential to kill squishies.

15. Wall walking / Staying in range of locked on Q

Whenever you cast your E over walls but for whatever reason can't or don't want to ult, you can still chase them in order to do the 3Q/4Q combos. The real difficulty of chasing someone across a wall is that your character movement has a high chance of getting all screwed up and them getting out of range. You need to be very conscientious of where your mouse clicks will move you in order to stay in range as they are running away. For example, clicking across a wall might make you walk downwards when you meant to go upwards. Also, you can just stand still behind a wall and keep Qing if there's no closer path to run. Try to memorize the range of your locked on Q's and foresee when opponents will be inside of that circle. (chasing Janna)

16. Hiding in bushes

In order to land Urgot's E, sometimes it's a good strategy to sit in a bush for a while. You can do this in the botlane or toplane late in the game, when champions roam off alone to push the wave before grouping mid. In the early game, it's possible to push the wave and sneak into a bush where your enemy can't see you. This works best when your enemy is low health, or suspects that you have recalled and begins to push the wave. If you are low health and your opponent is high health, this strategy can be used to get some free harass on your opponent and equalize your health bars.

17. Landing Q on Zhonya'd opponents

With proper timing, you can hit a Q right as someone comes out of stasis, getting a smooth kill. It can take some practice and depends a little bit on your ping, but isn't too hard to time it correctly. (Ryze)

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There are many numerous rune pages that you can take as Urgot, however I always take AD quints and marks for the early damage. I do not take lethality runes ever due to Urgot already having plenty of ways to decrease enemy armor.

    - AD Quints, AD marks, Scaling Armor seals, Scaling CDR glyphs (Most Efficient)
    - AD Quints, AD marks, Flat Armor seals, Scaling CDR glyphs (Difficult AD Lane)
    - AD Quints, AD marks, Flat Armor seals, Flat armor glyphs (Difficult AD Lane and Jungler)
    - AD Quints, AD marks, Flat Armor seals, Scaling MR glyphs (Difficult AD Lane, Heavy AP team)
    - AD Quints, AD marks, Scaling Armor seals, Scaling MR glyphs (Heavy AP team)
    - AD Quints, AD marks, Scaling Armor seals, Flat MR glyphs (Difficult AP Lane or Mid)

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The goal here in these masteries is to do as much damage as possible. In the Ferocity tree, either Fury or Sorcery isn't a bad choice. I choose Sorcery simply because I want my 4Q Combo late game to do as much damage as possible. Since Urgot usually deals out damage from a distance, health sustain isn't usually a big issue for Urgot, especially when using the Refillable Potion. This lets us utilize Fresh Blood and Natural Talent to increase our auto harass. Expose Weakness would only be used when your jungler would come to gank, so it's better to have the bonus damage in Fresh Blood. Bounty Hunter and Battle Trance are not suited to Urgots 3Q combo in the laning phase. Being in the top lane limits his ability to kill every member of the enemy team, so Bounty Hunter is not good. It takes 5 seconds for Battle Trance to fully take effect, which is longer than your 3Q combo lasts, so that is not ideal. Double Edged Sword immediately grants the damage, and the negative effect isn't that bad when versus a melee champion who won't be able to harass you back.

In the Cunning Tree we take Wanderer for the roaming/catch potential with your Ultimate in all stages of the game. We don't need any more damage to last hit creeps due to our Runes and Masteries, so Savagery is not needed. However, if you know you will be starting mana crystal and often have trouble last hitting without a long sword, feel free to take Savagery. Take Assassin for the additional damage on our harass. However, if you are going Mid, Runic Affinity can help you charge your tear much faster. Merciless is essential. It would be nice to have the mana regeneration in Meditation but we would lose out on too much damage. Dangerous Game has the potential to turn a death into a double kill when you get ganked early, and is very good during teamfights late game. Greenfather's Gift can be very good if you consistently land auto attack harass, however I find it difficult to get an auto off after only ~3.5s, so I take Dangerous Game. Lastly, we take Intelligence for the CDR due to how nicely it blends with Urgot's build paths, enabling us to get to the 4Q threshold more quickly. Since Lethality is weaker early game, we don't want Precision.

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Thunderlord's Decree vs. Deathfire Touch

The debate amongst Urgot mains has been very fierce when comparing Thunderlord's with Deathfire. Some say it has been ongoing since the creation of League of Legends itself. I myself discovered the superior keystone simply through trial and error over the course of several hundred games. Examining raw stats, and assuming we start with 25 bonus AD (15 from runes, 10 from long sword) it may seem like deathfire has the advantage. At level (1) one proc of deathfire deals 23 damage where thunderlord's only deals 17.5 damage. It's easy to fall into the pit trap of thinking, "Why would I ever take thunderlord's if I can do 69 damage using deathfire for 3Qs and only 17.5 for 3Qs with thunderlord's?". It is true at level 1 deathfire is superior, but the only scenario in which you could abuse this fact is an invade or 1v1 fight top lane before creeps arrived. Once creeps arrive, your opponent has a wave of creeps to stand behind and block your Qs. So past this point, the only time you can guarantee proccing deathfire is when you land your E while they go in for cs.

Because of this, lets examine the full damage that our EQQ combo we use to harass in lane with thunderlord's does with both keystones. (I won't consider the EQQQ combo because thunderlord's only requires 3 spells to proc, and it can be assumed that spending more mana will yield more damage with deathfire.) Because thunderlord's scales off of a champion's level, it scales with time as the game goes on, deathfire does not have this advantage. So at some point in the game, thunderlord's will eventually outscale deathfire's ratio of (+.60 Bonus AD). This happens to occur at around level 7. At level 11, thunderlord's will deal 132.5 damage and deathfire will deal 119.25 damage. (This assumes that we have BC and level 2 boots, which is usually where we want to be at this point in the game.) So not only does thunderlord's outscale deathfire into the midgame, it also doesn't even require mana to be procced.

Before deathfire begins to be outscaled by thunderlord's, we can still have an effective damage that is double that of deathfire in terms of mana cost. Getting two autos with a Q in between is enough to proc thunderlord's which will deal 75 damage at level 6 (assuming we have caulfield's warhammer) at a cost of 40 mana. Deathfire will only do 38 damage in this scenario.

Because Urgot's harass in lane usually consists of auto attacks and Q symmetry, thunderlord's is therefore the superior choice overall. Taking advantage of this keystone fully can help Urgot to save mana, which in turn allows Urgot to harass his opponent even more. This saved mana, if managed correctly, makes up the difference in damage that deathfire has over thunderlord's in raw stats. Deathfire requires you to spend mana every single proc to receive that damage as well, and once Urgot is out of mana deathfire becomes useless. Thunderlord's is procced by both auto attacks and abilities so being out of mana does not leave him keystoneless.

In conclusion, deathfire is immediately stronger level 1, but is quickly outscaled in the early-mid game by thunderlord's in terms of stats and synergy with Urgot's harass. In the very late game, deathfire is a superior tank killing threat.

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Skill Sequence

The unexpected strength that your opponents won't predict is your Q being leveled up. It scales not off of bonus AD, but off of total AD. So every time you level up, you can level up Q and have even more AD from leveling up for it to scale off of. Maxing E next will let you explode squishies. If laning against an opponent with strong poke such as a Jayce, maxing W second isn't a bad option, however W is primarily used for the slow and mitigating light damage or poke, so you will have significantly less damage doing so. I find the most balanced sequence is to Max Q, then level W and E to 3, then max E for more damage.

It's important to take advantage of the 6/11/16 Ultimate spikes! Your opponents will get used to your short level 6 ultimate range, and have a high potential to be surprised by the increased range when you level it up. Very few people know the range of Urgot's level 3 R, which when used in conjunction with flash has an extremely long range.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is your go to spell in the Top lane. Ignite is best if your lane has high kill potential, i.e. squishy opponent. If you are in the mid lane or versus a ranged champion top, Ghost is not a bad choice for a summoner spell. It will allow you to avoid ganks very well in the laning phase and make picks in the mid to late game. Barrier and Cleanse are best suited for the mid lane in certain match ups.

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Champion Specific Videos

I continuously add more videos to this section as they become available. If you have any requests for certain match ups, please ask in the comments!

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Urgot Mid/ADC

You may be wondering, "Hey Urglord, why don't you include Mid or ADC in this guide?". The truth is that there is a reason for this. Urgot's strength in lane comes from being able to zone melee opponents as they go in to last hit cs. In both the mid and bot lanes, you are most likely going to be playing versus ranged champions. This doesn't mean that you won't win your lane, that's not what I'm saying. However, the best opportunities for Urgot lie in the top lane.

In the ADC position, it is primarily your job to push the wave towards the mid to late game, and push it quickly. Urgot has one of the worst wave clears in the entire game. You can definitely win your lane playing Urgot ADC, especially if you have a support with CC to allow you to land your E. Despite this, your team will be at an inherent disadvantage in terms of pushing power, which can be avoided by simply going to the top lane.

In the Mid lane, our current meta requires the mid laner to roam almost constantly, or to atleast follow up when your opposing mid laner tries to roam. Urgot is not a good roamer. Many AP mids itemize for movement speed, which allows them to roam more efficiently. Urgot does not have very many build paths which give him bonus movement speed. You wouldn't want to rush Deadman's Plate just for the movement speed passive, as it would set you behind in damage significantly, and you would be itemizing against an AD champion where your lane opponent is most likely AP.

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Educational Stream

For those interested, I've recently begun streaming! I do my best to demonstrate the strategies I discuss in this guide, as well as giving commentary on my actions throughout the game. If you have any questions that are unanswered in this guide, feel free to stop by sometime. I occasionally stream during weekdays in the evening, and I almost always stream during weekends.