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Vampire Vlad

Last updated on November 25, 2010
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The first mistake that I've seen with most Vlad's is that they think they are a tank and build him as such. Although this is an alright build its definitely not an omg f*** Vlad hes op build. Now let me change everyones mind on Vlad's vampire issue. Vlad is a vampire and every characteristic he has is vampire qualities. Start this build off by buying an amplifying tome and an hp pot. Your usually gonna want mid as Vlad is a super farmer and has no problem owning in minion kills. On your first trip back usually after you killed a champ by flash->Ult->Q->ignite your gonna want to buy a hextech revolver and boots + another tome if you can (turn this one into mejais). The reason you get the hextech revolver early is because it not only can give you a free tides of blood depending on how many minions you attack, but it also doubles the heal on your transfusion keeping you in lane for pretty much as long as you want. This part your just gonna wanna perform hit and runs with your q on the champ your facing while killing minions also. (NOTE) you will probably get hit while doing this but your spell vamp is so powerful that if you have to sit at your turret not only will you still get minion kills but you'll get your hp back very fast (Warwick has nothing on Vlad). Second time you go back pick up that Mejais if you haven't already since Vlad not only gets a bunch of kills but also a bunch of assists. Your gonna want to get boots based off of who your playing, mine usually comes down to mag pen boots or speed 3's. If you have enough pick up a blasting wand or an amplifying tome (for your lich bane). Now by this time in the game its usually gank time and this where the summoners map awareness skill comes in (note) For everyone that gets mad if an mia call isnt called, learn to look at your mini map often and you wont have this problem, this is just common sense and your fault if you get killed. You can easily take dragon and any other creep except baron and I highly advise grabbing the blue buff as often as possible. More Cd More Damage and Heal. In fact im gonna say that its pretty much necessary for vlad to get the blue buff. Team fights dont be the ks Vlad as it doesnt utilize his ult to the fullest. During the time in between when your ult is fired and when it comes round the enemy is taking 15% more damage. Your usually gonna wanna use it towards the beginning/middle of the fight so that everyone on your team is doing a lot more damage. Next couple times at base your gonna wanna rush your lich bane + Will of the ancients for the extra 30 ap + more spell vamp and the aura it gives for your squishy teammates that need some spell vamp in their life. By this time even if your doing bad you should have close to 300 ap and some good hp because of his passive. Go back out on the battlefield (grab blue buff if its up) and kick some more yordel or whatever your facing's 4ss. Now rush that Zhonyas Ring and once you get that the game is pretty much over for them and you can even bd turrets if your weaker teammates (warwick - werewolves are gay) aren't able to do a good phy carry. If the game does go on for longer and your kicking some *** get a hextech gunblade for the additional spell vamp and now lifesteal which works awesome with lichbanes passive. If your not doing so hot (usually because mordekaiser is vlads worst nightmare) get some mag resist like banshees veil, guardian angel, or force of nature.

K well this is my first build and don't currently know how to make it all fancy. Comment whatever you like idc. As soon as I learn how to make this guide look cooler I will. I'll take some screen shots of the kick ***ery that it does soon also.