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League of Legends Build Guide Author ReadThis

Vayne the invinsible hunter

ReadThis Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Skill sEqUeNcE

Well first i always go with my ult if im about to face a 2 v 1 but if im fightin a tank like 1v1 i always use my ult.but on regular champions i always go with my first move tumble then i go with condemn.but if a target is trying to run away always use your condemn move to hit him to the wall becuz it will stun him for a short time and u can go for the kill.

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I went woth attack damage and more criticle damage.and also i went with some armor penetration for alittle more boost for attack.

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Team work

If your team mate is getting chased down use you condemn to push him away and your partner getting save.

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I dnt have much to talk about

Guyyyyyyyyyyyssss play Vayne the way u want to i jst told u the best items to buy for her so do the stufff u want to do.