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Vi Build Guide by Gamer371

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gamer371

Vi guide to Vi-ctory (jungle bulid)

Gamer371 Last updated on November 29, 2014
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This is my first build I have made.

Tell me what I can improve on with the build and I still have to make the other chapters that are needed but since it's my first build I want to know what to add or improve so I can make better builds further on down the road. Also these build are not easy to make at all because you have to make everything from scratch and really know what you want to get across in the chapters. So I hope you liked my build and tell me how to improve I always want to learn new stuff and whats best with Vi when I use her. With this build on my smurf account I went 21/1/2. So I think the build works well and if I can go 21/1/2 on PvP I hope you can to.