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Vi Season 7 - Preseason - Courage of the Colossus Jungle OP

Last updated on November 10, 2016
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This is just something I wanted to rush up onto here I'll be playing this build a lot in Preseason and will be able to do a breakdown of the build. It's a build I was messing around with in ARAM and it did presumably well. Having 1/3 of my health and with Vi's passive and Courage of the Colossus with hits on numerous enemy champions you practically have a full health bar while that shield is active. Stay tuned.

I used to play back in Season 3 in EUW I got to Plat 5 as the name Scientist but I just came back this season ended up being Silver 1 as Mike Mitch. I didnt get to play much this season because of school. But now I'm graduated and have bee putting more time into the game.