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Vi [Theoretical guild]

Last updated on December 18, 2012
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**This is me trying to think of builds/item combinations that would rock on Vi, the Piltover Enforcer**

Please add much advice and input!
I'm new to building, but I'm hoping to improve.

Within this, I'll be focusing on key items mostly.

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START: Boots of Speed w/ 3 hp pots
(My usual start with any build)

Move to Phage, perhaps early Avarice blade (building into an eventual Atmas)

Once you get some HP, grab a wit's end (or you could chose now to finish boots, I pick merc treads)
If you're doing well, have some kills under your belt grab a Black Cleaver of OP-ness to dominate. This increases your HP bonus to Atma's with good additions in most areas. Then Beef up with a frozen mallet.
This is followed by a situational defense item. In this I chose Banshees for the HP and MR. One could chose, Warmogs, Randuins, or Sunfire to fit well in this spot.
Finish with Atmas.