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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi

Vindictive Vayne

jhoijhoi Last updated on June 19, 2014
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rotflol's Forum Avatar by rotflol » September 4, 2011 9:01am | Report
I play Vayne on a mid-high elo (1800+) and I usually run 24/6/0 masteries with defensive masteries in flat mr and ar. I find it helps because usually all you do is CS bot lane and that extra armor/mr+ flat armor runes/flatmr will generally help you keep up with the harass from other ranged ad/mr dmg from support (taric,cait,ashe..etc)

Usually I build doran,boots,doran,vamp scepter into a quick bt-then pd,ie..etc. I've tried out your build and I really like the extra atk speed/movespd from zeal+black cleaver.

IMO, generally you want to build depending on the tide/situation of the game. If you find the other team has heavy dps and you want to survive- bloodthirster, if you're dominating and other team has no kill threat, go black cleaver/infinity edge depending on how fed/farmed you are.

Thanks for the build.
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EmirSc's Forum Avatar by EmirSc » September 4, 2011 12:22pm | Report
tnx amazing build, 1st time i tryed an boom godlike :P
jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » September 4, 2011 4:37pm | Report
rotflol: ^^ Your elo is a tad higher than mine :) However, I would never run 24/6/0 due to losing Awareness in the utility tree, which makes sure I hit level 6 at a good rate, even if I'm being zoned. And if I'm zoning the enemy team, I will be a higher level - this is likely, because not many people bother with Awareness , like yourself, despite being high elo :)

Generally you won't need that 3 magic resist from the defense tree, as you will be up against ranged carry bot, who often don't scale/do any ability power damage. The points in Hardiness I guess are fine, 6 extra armour will help you a little bit.

There are three B. F. Sword items in my purchase list. If is up to you to decide which items suit the situation, but generally the build I have listed does plenty of damage no matter the situation :)

Thanks for the comment.

Emir: Nice, Godlike is a voiceover we like hearing when it comes from our side. "An Enemy is GODLIKE!" is something we never want to hear :P
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar by Nighthawk » September 4, 2011 4:50pm | Report
^ I liek hearing it cuz then it means I get to get an extra 300 g for their death :)

jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » September 4, 2011 5:35pm | Report
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar by Nighthawk » September 4, 2011 5:36pm | Report
I miss the days when you could get 1, gold for some1's death lol. They capped it at 300 :c

jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » September 4, 2011 5:37pm | Report
Actually you can still get up to 500 gold :)
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar by Nighthawk » September 4, 2011 5:39pm | Report
Still, 500 gold, 1 teamfight up to 5k gold before :O

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Pirouline's Forum Avatar by Pirouline » September 4, 2011 11:04pm | Report
@Psi Guard: Read his original comment before you even comment on me. Your reply is too one-sided. In case you didn't know, I take offense when he started saying that putting points in defensive mastery is ******ed. Not to mention I didn't judge his skill merely based on that video. I also checked his history to see if he's worthy. L2reason or keep your comment to yourself. There are too many idiots out there already. By the way, if you want to reason with me on a champion. At least get to my level first. This last comment will be the end of conversation btw you and I seeing that you only have a freaking 241 wins.


1/ Still doesn't explain why you would max E first compared to W (not Q and W or Q and E). A skill that is used like what? once in each teamfight? You could at least lie to me you land every single E as a stun and I can't proof it anyway.

2/ All right, assume I have 250 AD + a long sword. Explain how it is a better choice than 16 utility? I already did my job telling you 21 OFF gives more lane and teamfight presence and that Vayne is an item dependent not level dependent champ.

3/ Oh so you're telling me your 1450 in 5-premade reflect your superior skill and judgment as a professional Vayne player. Good god but you only played her 13 times! and out of those only 6 wins! Not to mention that you're failing hard in solo q. That tell me something.

Until you actually play a lot of Vayne in ranked. Those score in normal means nothing. And don't start crying about team comp because it only means you don't have the gut/confidence to pick Vayne and let everyone else build a team that revolve around you. Prove a lot how good you're with Vayne and how good you can carry your team AS VAYNE. Not to mention team comp means **** as long as you dominate your lane and carry your team to victory.

Yeah I check your history and yeah I am dense. Shows how much I care about this champ and I don't want people who's bad start making mis-leading and totally out of line guide. You put a lot of hardwork? Means nothing if the fundamental suck. At least I have gut to admit, do you?

4/ Mencing comment? Read my first comment Mr. Retxxded. I talked nicely and even thanks you for such contribution. I was merely giving you some way to improve. Even used the word improvement. You started all this because of your "******ed comment" about putting points into defensive mastery and how you can't take criticism.

5/ A sign of good carry is knowing when to fight or not? OMG what are you 900 elo?!?! Let me tell you the truth. Any champion can become a carry and a sign of a good carry is that he/she can carry the team to victory. Playing a carry is merely a role. Carrying your team is leadership and good play. Your comment about knowing when to fight or not is the basic of the basic of the basic and I must say, you got the basic wrong when you turned away from your tank leaving her to death.

You still haven't given me reasons for why you're turning away from an "unfair" 2v2 (unfair cause you have baron and their nasus is stupid enough to wither Leona). And no she's not engaging a 4v1 or their team is behind them. Sona and Kat already backed off so only Amumu and Nasus were chasing you 2. Don't shift focus and start making up situation that justify your poor judgment. Let me tell you why. CAUSE YOU SUCK WITH VAYNE. YOU DON'T HAVE THE SKILL AND CONFIDENT TO PLAY VAYNE, A TANK MELTER, TO HER MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. While I don't have a clip, I did engaged in a 2v5 (vayne and ww aka me the leftover) 3 dead situation. Our vayne got 4 kills during that teamfight while I ulted their brand as WW and tank all their ****. Lesson? It's called having faith in your carry so she can actually carry. Your leona obviously have faith in you. Do you have faith in she?

Last but not least, sorry if you needed PsiGuard, a 241 wins player, to back you up. Pretty pathetic if I were to use your wording because you can't even defend yourself properly. Not to mention you and PsiGuard need to contantly praise each other's short pricks to retain that nearly-shattered confidence of yours. People who pick on your video is pathetic? Sounds to me you just can't take constructive criticism and QQing, uvlad?. Oh well pathetic low elo scrub baddies will always remain pathetic low elo scrub baddies ^^/

rotflol: ^^ Your elo is a tad higher than mine :)

LOL 1800 elo is "a tad higher" than 1425. Funniest joke I've seen in LOL history
persephone's Forum Avatar by persephone » September 4, 2011 11:43pm | Report
someone is hiding behind a name. screenshot or it didnt happen. and besides... anyone who doesnt focus vayne in a 4v2 situation deserves what they get.

havoc has only slightly improved... if you are doing 250 damage it only adds 10 to that. Though the crit damage is nice. and i am fairly sure she did mention this is a guide... not something that is set in stone. and it is not a pro LoL players Bible that must be followed to the letter. and that it is designed to help newer vayne players... not obvious pros... or trolls. whichever it may be. sheep will be sheep. go troll a "pros" guide.

if you don't like her work then dont read it. some people enjoy it for what it is... a guide that offers some good tips and ideas. it is not something that has to be played to the letter. it is simply something that may or may not assist you depending on your skill level and experience. and if one is so experienced and AWESOME! then perhaps you should grace us by making a guide of your own. with video footage or your good moves and your mistakes. to truly help the MOBAfire community.

sorry j... ***hats bother me sometimes. especially when i see the amount of care and work one puts into something selfishly to try and help the community.


pretty sure the "tad higher" was said as a joke, giving obvious weight and credit where due. and you were the only one who missed it.
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