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Volibear Jungle 100% succesful start ganks

Last updated on June 20, 2012

Chapter 1

Expecially early game ganks will be very succesfulll when you play this build. Because of the Summoner Spell Ghost and Volibears q combined with Movement Speed Quintessences you will have incredible Movement Speed, so no solo lane enemy would possibly be able to get after his turret without gettin catched by you. I prefer my first gank at lvl 3, because i really dont often see an enemy who survived Volibears q e and his w combined with attacks from our laner. As i say in htis Guide, especially at the beginning you will get a few succesfull ganks, so make as much as you can at the early laning phase to get enough money to get your, i have to say, very expensive item build, but when you get it, you will be a very dangerous Tank with incredible Damage Output, and you will be able to dominate also Late Game. So, have fun with this Guide :D.