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When the night comes

Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Nocturne is a way op champion, if u know how to use ur ulti u'll not only gank opposite team, u'll also help ur team mates whit escaping. In this build i'll explain why i love this champion and how im doing it ;)

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For runes i set full ARP and AS seals with CDR per lvl glyphs ( who dont love, lower cd on ur abilities? )
AS Seals, imo Nocturne needs AS more than Dodge, cuz of his passive.
AS Marks vs ARP Marks = ARP is a way better since with this items build u'll get 2,3 Attack Speed + ur Shroud of Darkness if absorb enemy spell will give u 2,5 Attack Speed. Armor Penetration vs casters = win.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust And Flash.
Exhaust gives u 1v1 win, in mostly duels.
Flash is great for escaping, from dangerous situations.
U can also try with Clairvoyance, for better use for ur ulti.

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Nocturne is new champion, so no one exactly know how to play him properly, this is my build and my opinion about this champion. I'm waiting for ur comments and suggestions. Have fun when the night comes :D