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Woods (Jungle) Warwick

Last updated on January 23, 2013
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Guide to WW play

    Go for either wolves or blue first, only do wolves if there's at least 2 people on your team who are planning on helping you. Don't wanna get ganked before the game starts, that sucks.
    Keep up with runes and after the first blue, give the rest of them to mid (tank blues for him).
    By the time you get red rune, you should be checking for pushed lanes to see if you can pull off a gank.
    When you get to level 6, get a phage ASAP. it'll give you the health to tank a tower for a little bit while you pull off ganks. The slow is perfect for initiating.
    The rest of the game is just building to counter whatever heroes give you trouble. Since you play globally, you need to try to counter everyone as best as possible.
    If you're taking damage from AP, grab a negatron cloak. If you have trouble with AD, get chainmail. If both are a problem early on, get a giant's belt.
    Make sure that when you jump on someone, you see a potential way out. Jumping in to die is only good for tide-turning plays.


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