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Wukong crushing in the jungle

Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Early game/Ganking

You should get a strong pull at blue, or at red buff. And if you would like you could get decoy in lvl two and gank right away. When you gank you use decoy and walks out of the brush and then activate crushing blow and then you engage with nimbus strike. Just get good farm early and get much health, then you let your team do most of the damage. So when you get your ulti you should try to knock all the enemies up in the air.

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Mid game

Just focus on farming and gank as much as you can. There is no point counterjungling now as the new patch came. If you really want to counterjungle him take his wraiths, or his buffs. You will not get very much xp advantage by doing this, but it do help.

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Late game

You should be the first to engage in teamfights. Use your E to get in and then use ur R to knock them up in the air. My build focus very much on armor, but you can excahnge you Thormail with Force of Nature.