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Wukong the Cowardly Monkey

Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Greetings Summoner! My name is Elegy and I have 2 level 30s so I am pro as ****. Listen to me as I take you on an adventure to master the most difficult champion in League of Legends, Wukong the Cowardly Monkey AKA That ****ing cowardly monkey / ***** champion monkey ****.

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For Runes I take nothing but cooldown reduction so I can spam Decoy as often as possible. It's particularly important to make sure Decoy is ready when ganking so you can run in and then decoy away like the little ***** of a summoner you are. I chuck in Movement speed quints just to ensure no one catches up to me!

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Masteries I run 0/21/9. There's no point taking any points in offense tree as you'll be spending most of your time running away. Instead I spend the majority of talent points in the defensive tree. This way if that that closet gay Taric manages to land his stun on you you can deal with any damage before decoying the **** out of there. Be sure to spend a few points in faster respawn times when your team gets you killed by not running away as pro as you do and in particular make sure you have the increased blue buff time as I struggle with Mana on this champion. Tell mid to play someone non mana based as blue is far more important on Wukong than your mid.