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League of Legends Build Guide Author almeidaalajoel

Xenial Xin Zhao (Jungle) (X alliterations are hard)

almeidaalajoel Last updated on September 15, 2014
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Bligen97's Forum Avatar by Bligen97 » August 1, 2013 10:03pm | Report
marks should be armor pen or hybrid pen.
glyphs should be scaling MR because as a jungler you dont need early MR.
Bring out the general guide away from situationals (1st or last).
Wrong masteries, Block and Unyielding don't help you out much as you're the jungler better max Hardiness and get 1point in Resistance .
In the jungle route and ganking lanes chapter it doesn't show me the images.
But overall it's a decent guide

EDIT: Oh and turn on C2V (comment to vote) to avoid troll downvotes
almeidaalajoel's Forum Avatar by almeidaalajoel » August 1, 2013 11:56pm | Report
Thanks for the advice. I take AS for jungle clear, I already have a lot of armpen (8%+25%+15%+10 with full BC stacks) from masteries, passive, and BC. I take MR for early ganking mid/other ap lanes, just in case early damage, but I see the point. Hmm, idk why you cant see the images, seems to be working fine... weird. Anyway, you might be right about the masteries, and thanks for the C2V advice, will do. Thanks again for the feedback.
Bligen97's Forum Avatar by Bligen97 » August 2, 2013 12:22am | Report
almeidaalajoel's Forum Avatar by almeidaalajoel » August 2, 2013 2:01am | Report
The items are pretty situational though hahaha, those items would be my core though, and I would usually get them in something like that order, so its not like I'm saying GET THESE IN ANY ORDER ITS SITUATIONAL.
LeeSinDra's Forum Avatar by LeeSinDra » August 2, 2013 1:18pm | Report
No mysteries to improve smite? Reguardless, still a great guide, +1 for you :D
LeeSinDra OP :]
Make sure to +Rep +Rep +Rep if I helped you out/liked my guide? :D
IAmByakuya's Forum Avatar by IAmByakuya » August 2, 2013 1:24pm | Report
LeeSinDra wrote:

No mysteries to improve smite? Reguardless, still a great guide, +1 for you :D

Smite doesnt get improved, you just get 10 gold per use.
Gave you a good laugh or helped? rep+ so i can know ;)

Thanks to TinyStar, Jhoi, Xiaowi, Virus, Bard and Arcana(eww)...for my signatures!

Elohell is like Irelia's stun: if your real level is equal or lower than the level you are in, you're STUNNED there forever. If your actual level is higher than the level you are in, you're just SLOWED in your way up.
almeidaalajoel's Forum Avatar by almeidaalajoel » August 2, 2013 1:43pm | Report
Thanks LeeSinDra, yeah, I don't take the smite mastery because the amount of gold it gives is pretty negligable.
Janitsu's Forum Avatar by Janitsu » August 2, 2013 2:13pm | Report
Summoner's Resolve is better than Juggernaut imo.

Health costs 2.64 per one health. (475/180) and Summoner's Resolve gives you ten gold per Smite. You probably use Smite more than 20 times so let's say that 10x20 = 200 gold
With 200 gold you can get (200/2.64) 75 health. You usually use Smite more than 20 times though.

Juggernaut increases your health with 4%. You need 1 875 health if you want it to be better than Summoner's Resolve (and if you use it more often than 20 times in a game you need more than 2 000 health usually. If you took out one point from Juggernaut and put it to Summoner's Resolve you would gain health.

And to the rest of the guide.

I don't think that Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a must have and that makes Mercury's Treads pretty viable option. I'd rather get Madred's Razors because Xin Zhao has AS steroid so it is strong pick for him.

This is actually quite a bad map imo. It doesn't show look like summoner's rift too much and for new players it might be hard to understand it.

You only explain 6 items. That's bad. Either your lazy or you don't believe that your situational items work.

Thanks to OwenTheAwesomer for the signature =)
Shadow_Light's Forum Avatar by Shadow_Light » August 3, 2013 7:33am | Report
Well first of all I don't agree with the attack Speed marks. I would rather take armor pen but these might also work.
Second I would also do different masteries. But usually masteries are mostly about personalf preference and if you like it like that go ahead.
The rest of your guide looks fine, you could just make some visual improvements. For example the Jungling Route and Ganking Lane chapters are just and image plus a wall of text. Not that nice to read but it's okay.
Overall it's still an upvote from me.
Kaggboer2012's Forum Avatar by Kaggboer2012 » August 3, 2013 7:56am | Report
you just take marks of attackspeed when jungling lol, nothing wrong there. i have no idea how to play xin but cheatsheet looks ok.
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