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League of Legends Build Guide Author dreiko4788

xin dpos

dreiko4788 Last updated on July 29, 2011
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solo lane

cho is perfect on solo lane he can lifesteal when creeps die with revolter speel vamp etc

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cho ap

cho except of tank is good ap
make revolter into hexter later you can put tank items also you can always try and mix the items depending on situation i just show my built and a small idea on how you must play

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i dont create big guides

you must klearn to play i just show item builts nothing seriues thats the way i create my built on xin

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for xin

black cleaver is fro armor pene.. if needed at start take 3 dorans then boots infinity phantom and yu have just 3 slots open for the rest main items yu can take later 1 more phantom, cleaver for armor penet... ,maybe tan kitems e.g warmogs+atmas for dmg also,sunfire,thornmail,bansee ,no guardian , bloodthirister etc


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