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League of Legends Build Guide Author nanno

ya dropped somethin

nanno Last updated on December 22, 2010
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dont have time to write all that much right now so ill keep it short

15/15 is in my opinion the best way to go with masteries, bc you get the movement boost, and both of the summoner spells are upped. you also start out with ~700 hp at lvl 1 with only the saphire crystal.

2. RoA only if the enemies are not fed. If you cant survive, go for more mres/armor (usually u need more mres tho). However with the 2. RoA is something that you do want to get!

last item is optional, i usually prefer the guardian angel bc of the extra armor/mres (you dont really need the unique ability very often)
The crystal scepter gives you more ap, hp AND makes ALL your abilities slow.. so with the pool+ scepter the movement speed drops to almost nothing

have fun flinging and stuff ^^