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yasuo always wins

Last updated on March 16, 2016
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Get the basics and win lane and game.

When laning with yasuo start with a dorans blade and 1 potion, the life steal of dorans will make laning fase easy.
Also very important is that you start with your E ability first, it makes yasuo very mobile and is a high damage poke early game so you can bully your oponent fast out of lane, always make sure you have enough minions to dash around and so getting closer to your oponent, dont q your oponent first when go in, safe him for last,when you see the chance to kill.
why i recomand maining yasuo? when you know how to play him you can almost win against every opponent, just know when to go in and when you have your powerspike. ALWAYS focus on farm, its easy to farm with yasuo so abuse that and always get more farm then your oponent, getting fast items makes you win lane easy.