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Yorick Build Guide by aaskY

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aaskY

Yorick - First and best

aaskY Last updated on May 13, 2012
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First Build

Hi. This is my first build. I like this build because i have a lot of magic resistance, armor, health and i also make a lot of damage.

I ussaly play on solo top with that build. If you're playing versus 2 players, then you have to hug your turret. If you're playing versus 1 player, then you have to try farm as much as you can. With that build you're very usefull for late game + teamfights. If you're playing yorick with that build, your jungler can take champ which one is damage dealer. It's also easy to gank, because yorick has got really strong slow, and he is also making a lot of damage. If you're playing yorick first time, or if you're not that good with him take teleport.

I think that this build is easy solution + good for team + easy to play.

I suggest you to take ignite, because it's very usefull versus mundo, volibear and such a champs which has got great healing sysem.

I also suggest you flash, because it's usefull to start teamfight with that build. It's also easy way to run away if you're in trouble. You can just use flash + slow.

This is my first build, so i hope that you'll like it! Have a nice day!