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Karthus middle Lane

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KarthusThe Deathsinger

790 3150 Mage

LoL Champion Stats: Karthus

Health1791 at 18 Magic Resist38.5 at 18
HP515.8 at 18 Attack Damage100.9 at 18
Mana1410 at 18 Attack Range450 at 18
MP519.6 at 18 Attack Speed0.85 at 18
Armor80.4 at 18 Movement335 at 18

LoL Champion Lore: Karthus

Karthus is a harbinger of oblivion, zealously devoted to the beauty and clarity of death. Even in his youth, he was utterly obsessed with mortality, growing ever more relentless in the pursuit of his dark desires. Yearning to be one with death itself, Karthus journeyed to the Shadow Isles and willingly offered himself to undeath. Karthus transformed into the Deathsinger, a dread lich existing solely to deliver the blessed gift of annihilation.

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