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Best of League of Legends

Creator: Jonchun
August 2, 2012 12:36pm
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Sup Mobafire,
I posted this on LoL GD but I'm also posting it here to get some more exposure.

League of Legends is an amazing game. There are so many different plays, tactics, and strategies that players use in order to get an upper hand over the enemies. I love watching good plays just like everyone else, and although ProtatoMonster has the Top 5 Plays series going on, I just don't think there is enough content there to ensure a lot of fun. I decided to start a spin-off called "BestOfLoL" which features the best plays that I watch. However, this will not be just another Top 5 Series. What I plan to accomplish is have a "Best of (ChampionName)" video and just have epic montages/plays of a specific champion for players to watch. Have you ever felt like watching a bunch of Nidalee jukes? I want to make a video showcasing a whole bunch of them. Ever wanted to see some good plays on Anivia? (In my opinion one of the most challenging champions in the game) I'll compile a video for it. Basically, I just want to see a bunch of good plays from good players and compile them all. You do not have to submit YOUR gameplay, you can submit replays from other players or tournaments if you feel it deserves recognition. The chances of your play being showcased are actually very high because it is not limited to 5 plays a week. It will be released as part of a large montage of amazing clips.

If you have any videos/replays available, please email them to:

If you are submitting a replay, please do tell me the approximate time of where the play happens.

On the other hand, if you are submitting a pre-recorded video, (preferred) please make sure the quality is high enough so that watching it full-screen is similar to spectating a game.

Submission Format:
Email Subject: Entry for (championnamehere)
Email Body: Approximate gametime of when play happens, link to video/replay (if not attached), any other information I should know while watching
Attachments: Attach the video/replay or link it in the body after uploading to an external file service.

If the format is not followed, the replay/video may not be watched. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please do comment!
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I'd've thought that youtube alone would
be resourceful enough, in terms of providing
endless videos of any champion in action though.
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Really? Not to sound blunt, but can you link me to a video full of vladimir plays? How about dedicated to just a bunch of nidalee jukes? (<- okay the nidalee one probably exists somewhere), but as for most champions, you rarely find single champion montages.
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