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Samsung 840 series SSD in October

Creator: Searz
September 29, 2012 4:48am
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They're gonna make for some interesting performance upgrades in the 840series. The PRO series especially, which now probably is the fastest SSD on the market.

But most importantly, they're upgrading manufacturing process from 25nm(or maybe it was 27) to 21nm. It's not as big of a step as 34nm(last generation SSD memory) to 25nm(current), but it's gonna mean better performance for a lower price.

Pricing seems to be roughly the same as the current 830 series, with the exception that the 500GB version costs ~50$ less. Though they're slightly different in size to the 830series. 120GB instead of 128GB, 250 instead of 256 and 500 instead of 512. That difference is almost negligible though.
Why is it slightly smaller? Because the standard 840 drives are using TLC (3bits per cell) that are slightly less durable than the MLC (2bits per cell) that the 830 series and the 840 PRO are using, and they have increased the "spare" memory(memory that is used when one memory circuit is starting to get errors) to make the drive as durable as the others.

Here's hoping that it's as stable as the 830series. A 256GB 830series survived 5PetaBytes of writing while standard life expectancy on SSDs is slightly below ~1PetaByte. (1PB=1000TB. 1TB=1000GB)
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