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Video Games Are Awesome!

Creator: eevunplugged
February 17, 2013 8:07pm
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Sup people. I consider myself a gamer. Not as good at video games as I would like but I have my moments. I'm startin a blog so check me out. Nothing serious. Nothing too personal. I figure a gaming community like this one is as good as any.
But as for this thread I thought I'd start off talking bout video games.
Nintendo brings back so many memories. WOW and CSS does too but not as many cus I was usually high when I played them. Outside of LOL what other games do you guys and gals play?
Right now, I still play Diablo 3. I stopped playing WOW. Haven't played in years. I haven't had the chance to play any PS games. I guess I play the **** games on my phone but let's face it that doesn't really count.
All time favorite game: Street Fighter Alpha 2
What's your favorite?
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Diablo III will burn in a lake of fire. But then again I played all the Diablo's and am an elitist, vindictive [Censored].

My favorite game is a good tie between Don't Starve and Dragon Age.

Thanks to the very talented The_Nameless_Bard
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My favorite out of the street fighter series is 3rd strike the alpha games were really good as well. I stopped playing WoW during Lich King, checking your blog out now, hope you enjoy your stay here on mobafire

My all time Favorite game is Megaman Legends, super underrated and it didn't age that well but still my all time favorite got the import for psp and was still able to unlock everything even thou is was in Japanese.
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