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Grom , The putrid slime

Creator: ReXer
January 15, 2013 2:03am
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Lore: under construction..



Q: Sticky Goo: Grom shoots a ball of goo at a targeted enemy
damaging on impact aswell as slowing/adding a dot onto the enemy slow lasts 3 seconds dot lasts 10 seconds
Mana cost 50/50/60/60/65 Deals 110/180/260/300/380 Magic damage. Dot (Damage over time aka poison) deals 60/60/70/70/75 magic damage over 10 seconds. IF an enemy runs into a teammate while the goo is stick to them,the goo will spread onto that player aswell. CD 10/10/10/9/8 seconds.

W: Feral Stench: Passive: nearby enemies will be slowed for 3 seconds (Enemy has a 10 sec cd before they can be effected by this again
Active: When activated Grom lets out a feral stench poisoning and stunning enemies. stun lasts 1.5 seconds poison deals 90 damage of 10 seconds. Mana cost 1% mana cost per second while activated.CD NONE

E: Trail of slime: Grom leaves a trail of slime behind him slowing all enemies that step on it.
manacost 0.5% mana persecond when activated. CD NONE

R: Revoulting Bite: Grom bites his opponent with great force dealing 300/300/350 physical damge
Manacost 100/100/110. if the enemy bitten dies grom recieves 10% health back. 117/110/100 secone CD

PASSIVE: Dread Zone: Grom detects invisible enemies (can detect people in bushes) Cool down 25seconds

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