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Patch 7.10 Summary

by MissMaw on May 16, 2017

Hi all and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary for patch 7.10!

This is a pretty huge patch which introduces many greatly anticipated game changes and champion buffs and nerfs, as well as one whole skin (!!!). Also this patch brings upon the death of the single best game mode to date and Riot's bringing in the ol' Ascension back instead. A worthy trade.

As always, please check out the full patch notes for the full list of changes.

Champion Changes


! = Rework / Gameplay Update* = Bugfixes or Display Changes+ = Buff- = Nerf~ = Mixed Changes

Lee Sin

! The two biggest changes when it comes to the champions go to Heimerdinger and Rammus. Rammus is now even faster. His Q Powerball is now a channeled effect, meaning that from the beginning to the end he will gain momentum and reach up to 235% increased movement speed. On impact, it does less damage than before but slows more (up to 80% at rank 5). Defensive Ball Curl has a lower CD and doesn't grant flat resistances like before. Instead, you will gain 20 flat armour and MR and then 50-70% based on your total resistances. His E Frenzying Taunt now grants Rammus up to 40% attack speed. His ultimate Tremors's damage has decreased, but it now does double damage to structures. Overall Rammus has gotten heavily buffed.

! Heimerdinger can now stack up to 3 H-28G Evolution Turrets at all ranks and a new stack will emerge faster than before. His ultimate's got a higher AP scaling and base damage on his E and the E itself also receieved a buff as its radius is now increased and the CD lowered.

~ There are a lot of other champion changes in this patch. Rakan and Fizz have recieved a mixed of buffs and nerfs. Rakan's E Battle Dance is weaker now, but he has receieved a Q Gleaming Quill range buff and damage on his W Grand Entrance. Fizz's W Seastone Trident is the only ability that's been changed; the base damage is down but the AP scaling is up. Maokai also got a couple nerfs on his E Sapling Toss (higher mana cost and lower damage), but his Q got buffed.

- Arguably the biggest nerf was given to Sejuani. Her passive is basically rip. Instead of granting 100 armour and MR at all levels, it now grants 20/60/100 at levels 1/7/14. Graves has also receieved a bad one, with his Q base damage getting nerfed and his ultimate's CD going up at earlier ranks. The Swag Daddy's movement speed has slightly gone down and the cost of his passive has gone up and it'll be a lot harder/riskier for him to invade now. The long anticipated nerf on Lulu has arrived as well with her shield being weaker now and her base health getting decreased.

+ But let's end on a happy note! Zac and Udyr have receieved buffs. Riot was especially kind to Udyr these past couple of patches and have now blessed him with lower mana costs. Zac's knock-up Elastic Slingshot now can last up to 1 second depending on the charge time. His Q Stretching Strike has gotten changes aiming to increase the damage on it overall.

Item Changes

Ancient Coin Line Cannon minion always drops coin now. The bonus skill point now behaves as if you’re one level higher than you actually are. Nomad's Medallion, Talisman of Ascension, and Eye of the Oasis got a small base health regen buff.

Relic Shield Line Face of the Mountain and Eye of the Equinox grant melee champions 150 bonus attack range and slightly increased AS against minions that can be executed by Spoils of War.

Spellthief's Line Killing a minion now PAUSES Tribute stack generation for 6 seconds per minion slain. This means that you can still use the stacks you may have stored up, but do not generate new ones until the 6 second disable is over.

Spirit Visage Some extra health, but less magic resist, and HALF of the base health regen (from +200 to +100).

Changes for Other Game Modes

Misc Changes

  • Pulsefire Ezreal Update; Updated VO, animations, textures etc. More about his update.

  • "Your Shop" is back on the Client starting 5/18/17 at 12:00 PT until 6/6/17 at 23:59 PT

  • Ping Muting. Finally riot have added a way to stop the harassment from annoying players spamming ???, and have added a ping mute. You can still mute chat, champion emotes and mastery emotes using the normal Mute function.

Upcoming Skin & Chromas

Brolaf Chroma (290 RP for one)

Headhunter Rengar (290 RP for one)

Share Your Thoughts! ♥

Huge patch again with loads of changes, what do you guys think of them? Are you going to be picking up the new ultimate skin? Are you happy about the millions of nerfs?

Patch 7.9 Summary

by PsiGuard on May 2, 2017

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.9!

This is a pretty huge patch so we're gonna be trying something a little different. Instead of a lot of details and commentary, we're going to try to briefly cover all the notable changes and leave you with tooltips and links for you to find details on any that interest you.

As always, please check out the full patch notes for the full list of changes.

Tank Updates














New Durability Items

2800 gold (1000 recipe)

+ Health

+ Magic Resist

+ Health Regen


Passive: Mitigate damage from subsequent spells

2500 gold (980 recipe)

+ Armor

+ Magic Resist

Passive: Gain resists near enemies

Active: Gain health in team fights

Durability Item Adjustments

+ Armor
- Health
- Dmg to Champions
- Radius
- Radius - Dmg to Champions
- Radius
- Health
+ Magic Resist
+ Healing
- Magic Resist
- HP
+ Armor
+ Momentum gain
Passive tweaked
- HP
+ Crit Dmg Reduction
+ Slow %
- Slow Duration
+ Health Regen
- Cooldown
- Health Threshold
+ AP
- MR
Health Regen Removed
Health Removed
New Build Path
+ Health
+ Health Regen
+ Magic Resist
Ability Power Removed
New Build Path
+ Attack Damage
- Armor
Magic Resist Removed
Revive with 50% base HP
+ Base AD
Shield based on bonus HP
+ Health Regen
Dmg Reduction Removed
+ 5 Dmg to Minions
Health Regen passive

Attack Items

+100 Cost +5 AD
+15% Damage Deferred
+5 AD +5 AD -200 Cost
-100 Cost +50 Cost
+10 proc Dmg
New Build Path
On-hit Dmg Removed
+ 15% Bolt Damage Ratio
- Proc Dmg
+ Proc Charge Rate
+ Proc Dmg
- Bonus Minion Dmg
+50 Cost -10% Armor Pen -100 Cost
-10% Armor Pen
+5% Damage Amp
-100 Cost
-10% Armor Pen
-6% Max Armor Shred
-150 Cost
-5 AD
-10s Cooldown

Support Items & Quests

Ancient Coin and its upgrades have a new passive and quest. Nearby enemy minion deaths (that you don't last-hit) have a chance to drop gold or mana coins. After collecting 650 gold, gain a free skill point (reach max skills at level 17) and champion takedowns will drop coins.
Relic Shield and its upgrades have a new quest. Gain 650 gold through Spoils of War and be granted a permanent shield that regenerates out of combat. Executing minions accelerates the regeneration.
Spellthief's Edge and its upgrades have a new quest. Earn 650 gold through the Tribute passive to upgrade to Queen's Tribute, which grants a burst of movement speed upon Tribute procs. Frostfang, Frost Queen's Claim and Eye of the Watchers also received nerfs to their mana regen and buffs to their ability power. In addition, last-hitting a minion now disables the Tribute passive for Spellthief's Edge and Frostfang for 6 seconds instead of 12, but killing more minions additively increases the Tribute lockout rather than just refreshing it.

Rift Herald Update

Rift Herald has received some major gameplay changes as well as a visual update. Killing the Rift Herald now drops a consumable that lasts for several minutes and grants empowered recall to the holder. Consuming the item summons Rift Herald to push down the nearest lane. The Herald is especially strong at smashing down towers, but is still vulnerable to attacks from the rear when the eye on its back is open.

There are a lot of numbers changes to go along with this update, so click the image above to read the full details.

Rotating Game Modes

Dark Star: Singularity runs from 5/4/2017 at 11 AM PT to 5/15/2017 at 11:59 PM PT. Play as Dark Star Thresh in a 3v3 match on Cosmic Ruins, a new map with a Dark Star Thresh announcer and chilling new music.

  • Hook or Flay opposing players and Abyss Scuttlers into the black hole in the center of the map to gain points
  • You’ll fly further the more damage you’ve taken, but you can’t die from health loss
  • The first team to 100 points wins the round, and the first team to win two rounds wins the game

You can unlock two icons for this game mode. Look out for more information as the Dark Star nears.

Splash Updates, New Skins and Chromas

April Raffle Winners

by Mowen on May 2, 2017

Without further ado, here are our second batch of raffle winners from our MOBAFire Monthly Raffle! Just remember folks... It's the luck of the draw

These lucky winners will be receiving Lee Sin + God Fist Lee Sin , their choice of April Fools skin, as well as the God Fist Ward Skin. Congratulations!!!

You can also check out last month's leaderboard to see our top ticket earners, and maybe give those hard working folks a nice comment or +rep. :)

Look out for an email from MOBAFire! Whitelist to be extra sure it doesn't get caught in spam. Emails should be going out tonight / tomorrow.

May Monthly Giveaway Raffle

by Mowen on April 30, 2017

May's here, and that means it's time for another monthly giveaway! If you're unfamiliar with the way our reward points and giveaways work read the announcement post, here.

It's time for you to gather your points and see if you'll earn a spot as one of our 10 lucky winners! For this month each winner will receive the following prizes:


Your Choice Of Dark Star Skin
In celebration of Dark Star - Singularity we're giving away Dark Star Orianna, Kha'Zix, Thresh, and Varus.

You'll also get your pick of a Dark Star Themed Summoner Icon.
1380 RP

Oh and one more thing! We're throwing in the Corruptant Ward Skin, so you can creepily spy on your opponents with flair from beyond the Void.

These are all the prizes that will be available for the month of May! At the end of the month everyone's reward points will be reset and a new monthly giveaway will start! Stay tuned each month for the new prizes.

How Does It Work?
Okay so you're not sure how reward points work, don't worry we'll break it down for you. It's pretty easy to earn points, all you have to do is just go about your regular MOBAFire business. The points you earn are worth varying amounts from writing a build or guide, updating a build or guide, reaching a score threshold on your build or guide, responding to comments on your build or guide, and even commenting on other member's builds and guides for the guide reviewers out there!

This pretty much means that any MOBAFire member that is being helpful in any section of the site will have a chance to win some pretty cool prizes!

For reference, the points per activity are currently as follows:

+Rep Gained 5 Counts per reputation point gained this month. No Limit.
Guide Updates 10 Counts once per guide, per month
New Guides 20 New guides created this month, limit 3 per month
Good Guide Scores 10 Achieve or maintain a guide score between 75-85%. Counts once per guide, per month
Great Guide Scores 20 Achieve or maintain a guide score of 85% or higher. Counts once per guide, per month
Good Scores Achieved 50 Achieve a guide score of 75-85%. Only counts once per guide.
Great Scores Achieved 100 Achieve a guide score of 85% or higher. Only counts once per guide.
Build Updates 2 Counts once per build, per month
New Builds 5 New builds created this month, limit 3 per month
Replies to Readers 2 Reply to any comment on your guide! Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Replies to Readers 5 A more in-depth reply to a comment on your guide. 200+ characters
Guide Comments 2 Comment on a guide that is not your own, Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Guide Comments 5 A longer comment on a guide that is not your own. 200+ characters

Your reward points may fluctuate as we adjust points values or fix bugs, but do not be alarmed, your points will be recalculated frequently so you'll have the right amount by the end of the month!

There are no new ways to earn points so far this month, but we do plan to keep expanding the points system and please leave a comment with any suggestions you have for ways to earn points! :)

April Winners

The winners for April raffle will be announced on Tuesday to give us time to go over everything, so look forward to a post then!

Fine Print

  • Contest is worldwide.

  • Open to registered MOBAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and craft your guide!

  • Winners will be notified via the email associated with their MOBAFire account and will have 7 days to claim their prize. Please whitelist

  • If you already own one of the prizes, you may request it be sent to another Summoner or Address

  • In-Game Prizes
    • Prizes are distributed via the League of Legends client
    • In order to receive your in-game prizes you must provide us with your Summoner Name and server when we contact you via email
    • You will receive a friend request from one of our admins (we'll let you know who to expect), and must accept and leave this admin on your friends list until we distribute prizes
    • If for some reason we cannot gift you a prize, we will work with you on an alternate prize

  • Riot Merch Prizes
    • In order to receive your physical prizes you must provide us with your shipping address when we contact you via email
    • Shipping for Riot merch prizes will be handled through the official Riot Merch store. In order to get your Riot merch prizes to you they have to be able to ship to your address.
    • Riot merch prizes must be in stock.
    • If for some reason they sell out before we can get them to you, or they will not ship to your address, we will work with you for an alternate prize.

  • Winners will be pulled at random. Each reward point you earn will give you 1 entry into the giveaway. More points means more chances to win!

  • Any attempts to subvert or cheat the system will get you disqualified from this month's giveaway, and repeated attempts may get you banned from future giveaways entirely. Keep in mind that you must follow our General Rules & Guidelines with your comments and guides. This includes rules against spamming, character count cheating, and operating multiple accounts, among others.

  • Contest closes May 31, 2017 at 11:59pm PST (GMT -8)

  • Winners will be announced June 2, 2017

As always please drop us a comment with your thoughts and suggestions. We'd love to hear what you guys like about this update, any ideas you have to expand on this new feature, and even if you don't like this update. Don't be shy, comment below!

Champion Database

New Data, New Filters, More Options

First up is our new Champions database page. This page has been totally reworked to provide more ways to explore the entire LoL champion line up.

You can now find every champion's Win Rate, Ban Rate, and Pick Rate in our Champion Database, as well as Role Rate and Role specific data. Filtering for a role will change all the data displayed to be for that role only, even if it is not the Champion's primary role.

On top of the rates, we have a filterable tag feature for Popular (pick rate over 20%), Strong (Win Rate over 53%), Free, and on Sale.

Choose Your View

In addition to all the new data, we have 3 new views for you to choose from! We'll even remember your preferred view in a cookie, so that next time you visit this page you'll see your favorite view.

There is the default card view, list view, and icon view. List view has the most information, including win rate, ban rate, pick rate, roles, IP/RP cost, and date of last sale. Icon view is for the minimalists, all it shows is the champ icon. Card view is a balance between list and icon, with more information if you hover over the card.

Guide Browser

New Look

We've removed some clutter to give the guide listings a little more breathing room as well as make room for other features. The score bar has been flattened to be more incremental, and we've added color coding to scores and patch numbers to assist with quick browsing.

You'll also notice some nifty new animations for new and low vote guides that will draw attention to guides in need of more votes!

There is a new patch tag that will be on every guide, this is the last patch the guide was updated during. Currently, the other tags are Stream (for online Prime streamers) and Featured (for guides currently featured on the home page). We'd love to hear any other tags or ideas you guys would like to see here!

In addition, there is a new role indicator icon in guide listings, which well let browsers quickly tell what role this guide is intended for. This is determined by the role you have selected in your Guide Settings.

Focused Filters

The amount of filters on this page has actually been reduced to focus in on the filters we found more people were using, and make them more easily accessible.

We've consolidated the role / lane filter into one filter, made the champion filter a text search with suggestions, and kept the category and depth filters.

New Sidebars

Find Fresh Guides

The sidebars for these areas have also received an update to highlight trending guides, as well as guides by new authors.

Trending guides are determined by the amount of votes in the past week (as you can see, Xayah and Rakan were very popular this month!) and the new guide authors listing is for first time authors only.

We continue to strive to find more ways to showcase and highlight fresh content where appropriate, and we hope you'll find these new sidebar features fun and useful!

We really hope you enjoy these updates, and there's more coming! As always, please leave any feedback or suggestions in this thread, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. :)