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Patch 7.6 Summary

by PsiGuard on March 21, 2017

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.6!

Welcome to the patch of buffs! In today's patch notes, every champion listed was either directly buffed or at least received some positive changes that buffed some aspect of their play. In addition to champion balance, we have the Galio rework launching with 7.6. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the champion spotlight.

There are a handful of miscellaneous changes to read about below, but apart from those it's a pretty small patch in terms of game balance.

Nexus Siege will be returning to the Rotating Game Modes queue and will be live from March 24-28 and March 31 - April 4. As April approaches, this patch will also contain some fun new skins for Alistar, Kennen, Kog'Maw and Renekton.

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

Champion Updates

quick access for concerned players

Miss Fortune

! = Rework / Gameplay Update* = Mostly bugfix(es) and/or display changes+ = Buff- = Nerf~ = Mixed

The major highlight of this patch is obviously the Galio rework. Gone is the Sentinel's Sorrow and in his place comes the Colossus. Be sure to check out the gameplay reveal and champion spotlight to get familiar with his new abilities, or read the tooltips on the icons below!

In addition to the buffs shipped during 7.5, Aatrox is receiving a new buff to his passive, Blood Well. The empowered effect has been renamed from Blood Rush to Hellbent, and Aatrox now completely fills the Blood Well upon reviving if he is killed during Hellbent. He also no longer loses his third hit from Blood Thirst / Blood Price after reviving.

Cho'Gath's Feast received another buff this patch, increasing the minion/monster stack cap to 6 and the bonus health on rank 2 and 3 of the ability. Fiddlesticks also received some direct buffs, gaining 50 range on his Terrify and a new mechanic that lowers Drain's cooldown if it kills the target.

Gnar's health regeneration has been normalized between his normal form and Mega Gnar. This is overall a buff, since Gnar spends the majority of the game in mini form and therefore will benefit from the increased regeneration compared to the decrease in health regen in mega form. Gnar also received a QoL change to Crunch that allows players to queue up another spell during the cast time.

Miss Fortune's Double Up damage has been increased and the ability range now scales with her attack range, meaning she can cast it from farther away if she has an energized Rapid Firecannon. In addition, casting Double Up or Make it Rain no longer causes Miss Fortune to briefly pause after the cast. Varus received a simpler buff, with the cooldown reduction on Piercing Arrow when proccing Blighted Quiver stacks no longer being reduced when he buys CDR.

Our last two changes are to Orianna and Quinn. When an ally is holding Orianna's ball and they die, the ball now drops to the ground instead of snapping back to Orianna. This should make it less likely for Orianna to miss her ultimate and solves some existing bugs when ball-carriers died. Quinn received mixed changes, with a buff to her attack speed on Heightened Senses but a nerf to the damage of Skystrike. In addition to this shift away from burst towards DPS, Quinn now respawns as Valor for the rest of the game once she has a point in Behind Enemy Lines.

Other Changes

Sustain Bonus: Grants 1-50% lifesteal (at levels 1-18) ⇒ Restores health equal to 3-40% total attack damage (at levels 1-18)
Critical Heal: If the attack that procs Warlord's Bloodlust critically strikes, the heal crits as well (further increased by crit damage modifiers, ex. Infinity Edge).

  • Lux now has around 4 times more VO lines than before, including many champion-specific interactions!

  • The color of magic damage shields on the health bar has been slightly changed.

  • Red Brambleback magic resist: 15/20/26/29/30 (at levels 1/4/8/9/10) ⇒ 10/15/18/19/20 (at levels 1/3/5/7/8), matching Blue Sentinel's armor

  • The in-game Options menu has been significantly reduced in size at larger than 1200 vertical resolution (smaller size reductions at smaller screen resolutions). It can also be clicked-and-dragged from any empty spot, not just the title bar.

Galio Splash Updates

The splash arts for all of Galio's skins have been updated!

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released in patch 7.6:

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! How do you feel about the Galio rework? Are you happy about any of the champion buffs this patch? Will you be buying any of the April Fools skins?

Let us know in the comments below!

Hey all, got an update we're excited to share! As you've seen, we have just launched a redesigned header and footer, which includes a new "flat" look as well as a new search.

This is part of a larger ongoing project to give MOBAFire a bit of a facelift. We decided, rather than holding it all back and doing a huge launch of everything at once, it would be more beneficial to target key things first and put those out as we go. This way we can get ongoing feedback from you guys and adjust, and everyone can benefit from the work we've finished sooner. More will be coming in time!

So check it out, play around, and let us know what you think! Try out the new search and if there are any tweaks we can do that would make it more convenient to use, let us know. Also give us your input on the new "flat" look.

Sorry for the vanilla news post - Mowen is not feeling well today so you get me instead!

Hey all! Mowen coming atchu' with an update that the whole team is super excited to share with you -- our new MOBAFire Rewards System!

It's well known that our guide authors are an amazing bunch of people. They put so much effort into writing, updating, and responding to comments and we've cooked something up as a "thank you" to all our active guide authors.

Every month we will be giving away a prize via a raffle. It's easy to earn points, just go about your regular business! You will earn varying amounts of points for writing a build or guide, updating a build or guide, reaching a score threshold on your build or guide, responding to comments on your build or guide, and even commenting on other member's builds and guides for the guide reviewers out there!

You can find your current points for each month in a tracker on your profile page, and the points will be updated roughly every hour. You can also check the Rewards Leaderboard by clicking the link on your points tracker to see who has the top 10 most points so far this month!

Point values and how often you can get points are subject to change since this is a work in progress, but the current values are listed below.

Guide Updates 10 Counts once per guide, per month
New Guides 20 New guides created this month, limit 5 per month
Good Guide Scores 15 Achieve or maintain a guide score between 75-85%. Counts once per guide, per month
Great Guide Scores 30 Achieve or maintain a guide score of 85% or higher. Counts once per guide, per month
Build Updates 2 Counts once per build, per month
New Builds 5 New builds created this month, limit 3 per month
Replies to Readers 2 Reply to any comment on your guide! Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Replies to Readers 5 A more in-depth reply to a comment on your guide. 200+ characters
Guide Comments 2 Comment on a guide that is not your own, Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Guide Comments 5 A longer comment on a guide that is not your own. 200+ characters

Please keep in mind this is very much a work in progress! Point values may be adjusted during the contest as we iron things out. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know. We'd love to expand on the system and hear what you guys would like to see. :)

The difference between a guide and a build is determined by character limit. "Guides" have 5000+ characters (characters, not words), this includes BBCode. Builds are anything under that limit.

Any attempts to subvert or cheat the system will get you disqualified from this month's giveaway, and repeated attempts may get you banned from future giveaways entirely. Keep in mind that you must follow our General Rules & Guidelines with your comments and guides. This includes rules against spamming, character count cheating, and operating multiple accounts, among others.

So what happens with all those points you earn each month? They enter you into a monthly giveaway! For each point you will have 1 "ticket" in the monthly giveaway. Even if you only have 1 point you still have a chance to win the monthly prize. The amount of winners each month will vary depending on the prize, but for this month we'll have 10 winners! Each winner will receive the following prizes:


Galio + Gatekeeper Galio

In celebration of Galio's upcoming rework we're giving away Galio + Gatekeeper Galio . Once new Galio hits live you can summon The Colossus in style with this Legendary skin.
Dragon Trainer Tristana Figure

The Dragon Trainer Tristana figure has been a crowd favorite in our other giveaways, and we'd like to share the cuteness with more MOBAFire members! You can check out more details about the figure on the store page.

1380 RP
To top things off we're throwing on 1380 RP for your spending pleasure! Buy that skin or champ you've been longing for without having to open your wallet. ;)

These are all the prizes that will be available for the month of March! At the end of the month everyone's reward points will be reset and a new monthly giveaway will start! Stay tuned each month for the new prizes.

NOTE: Even though we aren't launching this month's contest at the beginning of March, points will be rewarded based on the entirety of your March activity. So, the points you are seeing in your profiles and on the leaderboard now are based on your site activity from March 1st to now.

Fine Print
  • Contest is worldwide.

  • Open to registered MOBAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and craft your guide!

  • Winners will be notified via the email associated with their MOBAFire account and will have 7 days to claim their prize. Please whitelist

  • If you already own one of the prizes, you may request it be sent to another Summoner or Address

  • In-Game Prizes
    • Prizes are distributed via the League of Legends client
    • In order to receive your in-game prizes you must provide us with your Summoner Name and server when we contact you via email
    • You will receive a friend request from one of our admins (we'll let you know who to expect), and must accept and leave this admin on your friends list until we distribute prizes
    • If for some reason we cannot gift you a prize, we will work with you on an alternate prize

  • Riot Merch Prizes
    • In order to receive your physical prizes you must provide us with your shipping address when we contact you via email
    • Shipping for Riot merch prizes will be handled through the official Riot Merch store. In order to get your Riot merch prizes to you they have to be able to ship to your address.
    • Riot merch prizes must be in stock.
    • If for some reason they sell out before we can get them to you, or they will not ship to your address, we will work with you for an alternate prize.

  • Winners will be pulled at random. Each reward point you earn will give you 1 entry into the giveaway. More points means more chances to win!

  • Any attempts to subvert or cheat the system will get you disqualified from this month's giveaway, and repeated attempts may get you banned from future giveaways entirely. Keep in mind that you must follow our General Rules & Guidelines with your comments and guides. This includes rules against spamming, character count cheating, and operating multiple accounts, among others.
  • Contest and giveaway closes Mar 31, 2017 at 11:59pm PST (GMT -8)

  • Winners will be announced April 1, 2017 (no joke)

We want MOBAFire to be as fun and enjoyable as possible, and we hope this new rewards system spices up your MOBAFire Experience.

As always please drop us a comment with your thoughts and suggestions. We'd love to hear what you guys like about this update, any ideas you have to expand on this new feature, and even if you don't like this update. Don't be shy, comment below!

Patch 7.5 Summary

by PsiGuard on March 7, 2017

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.5!

We've got a little bit of everything this patch, from champion changes to item tweaks and mastery updates. One highlight of 7.5 is a small Aatrox rework which removes many of his health costs and changes the way his Blood Well fills and the bonuses it gives. Bond of Stone has also been removed entirely and replaced with Stoneborn Pact , a new keystone mastery geared towards tanky, supportive champions with crowd control spells.

Ascension will be returning to the Rotating Game Modes queue and will be live from March 10-14 and 17-21.

Be sure to take a look at the new dragon-themed skins and chromas below.

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

Champion Updates

quick access for concerned players

Miss Fortune


! = Rework / Gameplay Update* = Mostly bugfix(es) and/or display changes+ = Buff- = Nerf~ = Mixed

First up is the Aatrox changes. Blood Well has been reworked and now only grants Aatrox bonus stats for a short duration when it is fully filled. Once Blood Well reaches 100% Aatrox gains bonus attack speed and increased base attack damage for 4 seconds as it drains. If Aatrox dies during this period, he will revive and recover 30% of his maximum health. The revive effect has a cooldown of 180-120 based on level.

Dark Flight and Blood Price no longer have any health costs. Dark Flight now has a total AD ratio rather than bonus, making it scale better with level even if Aatrox doesn't build many damage items. Blood Price deals a bit less damage, but since it doesn't cost health, Aatrox can use it more often. Blood Thirst was also changed to scale with Aatrox's missing health, rather than his bonus AD, and no longer heals for triple when Aatrox is below 50% health.

Finally, Blades of Torment had its cost changed from 5% of Aatrox's current health to a flat 30 health cost. The damage has also been increased and the slow strength scales with rank rather than the slow duration. Dark Flight, Blood Price and Blades of Torment all fill 20% of Blood Well when used.

Kindred received some changes to Mark of the Kindred designed to make it easier to collect on marked camps. Kindred's first mark will always be a Rift Scuttler and they will now mark Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, Elemental Drakes and Elder Dragon past 8 stacks. Lucian also received a small buff, reducing the cast times on Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze, which should make his ability combos more responsive especially in team fights.

LeBlanc lost a significant amount of damage on the basic and mimicked versions of Distortion, though she deals more damage to minions with Shatter Orb to supplement the loss of waveclear. Varus also received direct nerfs to his Piercing Arrow, which now deals less maximum damage and has a longer cooldown unless Varus is able to detonate at least one Blight stack on a champion with the arrow.

Fizz received some mixed changes, the most notable of which is that Chum the Waters is less likely to attach to enemy champions at the fish's destination, and if Fizz whiffs the ability, the fish will no longer stick to champions that walk over it. Finally, Miss Fortune's Double Up can now critically strike on bounces and will always critically strike if the first hit kills the target. This makes Double Up's damage more reliant on critical chance and damage compared to the currently popular Lethality builds.

Item, Mastery and Summoner Spell changes

Combine Cost: 900 gold (total cost: 3400 gold) ⇒ 800 gold (total cost: 3300 gold)
Attack Damage: 25 ⇒ 40
Attack Speed: 40% ⇒ 25%
Lifesteal: 10% ⇒ 15%
Active Damage: 10% of target's max health as physical damage ⇒ 100 magic damage
Passive Minimum Damage: 10 ⇒ 15 physical damage
Shield Duration:10 seconds ⇒ 5 seconds
(7.4 Hotfix) Attack Damage: 60 ⇒ 55
(7.4 Hotfix) Active Cooldown: 30 ⇒ 45
Replaces Bond of Stone.
Gain 5% maximum health. Your movement impairing effects effects mark enemy champions with an earthen rune that heals other allied champions who basic-attack them for 5 (+2.5% of your maximum health) over 2 seconds. The mark lasts 4 seconds.
Bonus AD Ratio: 60% ⇒ 45%
Reworked: Moving or attacking will make an attack Energized. Your energized attacks have 1-50% lifesteal (based on level) and grant 30% movement speed for 0.75 seconds.
No longer reduces target’s attack speed by 30%.
No longer reduces target’s armor and magic resist by 10.

Tooltip Changes

"We updated our in-game tooltips to better match the visual changes we've made to League over the years. Also, to use real arrows instead of a dash and a bracket."

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released in patch 7.5:

Dragonslayer Pantheon Chroma

Dragonslayer Xin Zhao Chroma

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! How do you feel about the new Stoneborn Pact mastery? Will this small Aatrox rework bring him back into popularity? Will you be buying the new dragon-themed skins and chromas?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thought we were done with promotions? Think again! :P

Jhoijhoi's commitment to making MOBAFire a better community is quite frankly insane. She's been involved in just about every facet of the site, from guide creation to sig shops and even helping the devs with ideas about new features. Her warmth and friendliness are valuable assets for this role. We hope the new rank of Moderator empowers her to continue making this site a better place.
MissMaw is an exceptional guide author, coder and signature artist, but that's not all. She's also deeply involved in the community and welcoming to all members, old and new. She's even helped me with a number of news posts! MissMaw's consistent willingness to help wherever she's needed is a valuable trait for a Moderator. I look forward to working with her more and expect this position will allow her to have an even more positive impact on the MOBAFire community.

Congratulations to our newest Moderators! We're glad to have you here.