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Greater Glyph of Critical Chance


Greater Glyph of Critical Chance

Purchase Cost: 410

+0.28% critical chance

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Mercilus | October 29, 2011 3:13pm
I have included this Glyph in my build but have started asking myself is it neccessary..

At MAX runes it's around %2.5 crit strike chance.

But then I look at my item build (Tristana) and I realise that my build consisting of Infinity Wards and i'm thinking 2% is nothing compared to the %25 or so I recieve from them. I mean 2 out of every 100 attacks early game is a lil weak seeing as the attack speed is slowish and will most likely happen to minions. And even when I up my atk speed im using a Zeal which gives me a nice boost to crit strike anyway.

Does this make sense? Should I change my Rune build for her and change it to armour pierce Glyph or crit dmg?

These are what I use..

-Mrk Desolation = Armor pen
-Seal of Furor = Crit dmg
-Glyph of Malice = Crit chance
-Quintessence of Desolation = Armor pen
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