Udyr Skins: Spirit Guard Udyr


Spirit Guard Udyr

Release: July 17, 2013
Is Available: Yes
Type: Ultimate
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Slizarus's Forum Avatar by Slizarus » July 18, 2013 1:51am | Report
Really sweet skin, transformations feel more powerful, he looks more badass, and his powers evolve at lvl 5. I'm happy I snagged it on sale but with the quality in this skin, I'd say it'd be worth the full price.

My one complaint is that the Turtle form has no tint on his head, I'm guessing this was a design choice, udyr must've looked good every color but green, so they gave Turtle form a 'hawk, I'll accept that :)
MyBloodisBlack's Forum Avatar by MyBloodisBlack » May 13, 2014 4:30am | Report
I find it wierd they made this skin when Primal Udyr is just a cheaper version of it

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