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IPL5 Day Three

by aqueousme on December 2, 2012

Day Three of IPL5 in Vegas proved that competition was heating up, with some of the most intense games we’ve seen yet.

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IPL5 Day Two

by aqueousme on December 1, 2012

Day Two of IPL5 in Vegas continued with the steadily increasing excitement over the the teams that are slowly making their way to the Grand Finals tomorrow, and the $50k prize for the champions.

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IPL5 Day One

by repta on November 30, 2012

Day one of IPL5 lived up to expectations with spectacular showings from World Elite, Moscow 5, Counter Logic Gaming Europe and many other internationally-renowned teams.

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IPL 5 Stream

by DetonatoR on November 29, 2012

IPL 5 live coverage.

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IPL 5 Preview

by repta on November 28, 2012

On November 29, sixteen of the world’s best League of Legends teams will take the stage in Las Vegas to compete in the fifth installment of the IGN Pro League tournament series. Big names and heavy favorites like Team Solo Mid and Moscow 5 will face off against top teams from all over the world. IPL left no stone unturned in selecting the all-star lineup, teams who fought for their spots through a rigorous online qualifier.

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