King of the Union

November 1, 2011 8:00am - February 12, 2012 8:00am

Tournament Ended


Tournament Dates (GMT +0)

Registration Starts: October 17, 2011 5:00pm Rule Set:
Registration Ends: October 29, 2011 7:59am Server: EUW
Check-In Starts: November 30, -0001 8:00am Team Size: 5
Check-In Ends: November 30, -0001 8:00am Subs Allowed: 0
Tournament Starts: November 1, 2011 8:00am
Tournament Ends: February 12, 2012 8:00am

Total Purse: €2000

1st Place:

(5) Kingston Solid State Drives
Riot Prize Packs
$1,000 USD from MOBAFire

2nd Place:

(5) Kingston HyperX Memory Packs
Riot Prize Packs
$700 USD from MOBAFire

3rd Place:

(5) Kingston USB Drives
Riot Prize Packs
$300 USD from MOBAFire



This tournament will be played on the EU West servers only and will be played on Saturdays at noon. The tournament is for any number of teams. We will ensure every eligible team that registers gets to play. We will do this by using a potentially large number of bys in round 1. There will be no other bys (except in emergency) after the first round. After round 1 all rounds will be properly balanced and seeded. This means your team may not play round one, but may instead be given a "win" in round one (aka by) moving your fist match to round two.


In order to be eligible for this tournament you must be a registered member of MOBAFire with a League of Legends EUW account. Players must have a valid address (no PO Box) in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway.

Game Rules

Game Type: 5v5 Best of 3, classic mode, you can use custom match | draft mode but you will have to make your bans and picks before starting the match.

Bans: 1-2-2-1-1-2, 6 total, 3 per team, your match page indicates who has first ban (who is team 1) for each match. The same team will have first ban AND first pick.

Picks: 1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1-2, your match page indicates who has first pick (who is team 1) for each match. The same team will have first ban AND first pick.

Mirror picks: Not Allowed.

Team Size: 5v5

Champions & Items: All champions and items ARE permitted.

Winning Condition: Best of 3.

You will be given from 9am Tuesday to 11:59pm GMT Sunday to complete each round.

Team Requirements:

Each team must have a unique name.

Each team must have 5 players all level 30 on EUW servers.

Every player's ELO must be accurately reported by Team captains during registration. Misrepresentation of any single player's ELO may results in expulsion and loss of any or all prizes.

All team members must accept the tournament invitation before the registration cutoff deadline is reached, or your team will NOT BE REGISTERED. Captains automatically accept when they register the team. All other team members must manually accept via a PM automatically sent by the system.

All players and the team must be registered on to participate.

All players must have a valid Paypal account to receive cash prizes. Players are responsible for all Paypal fees. Paypal transfer fees are very small and only come off the money being transferred. You do not have to pay any up front fees to Paypal or any other entity.

Physical Prizes:

Physical prizes may be sent from out of your country, MOBAFire and all of its sponsors are NOT responsible for import fees, duties, taxes or any such related cost of importing prizes. Players are responsible for finding out what those costs may be and must be prepared to cover those costs. MOBAFire and all of its sponsors are not responsible for lots, stole, delayed, confiscated or otherwise misplaced prizes.

Prizes may not be substituted for cash value.

Each team may have one reserve player on the bench. This is not mandatory but no substitutions may be made after registration closes other than the named reserve player. Team captains are responsible for adding the reserve player if your team has one.

Substitution for the reserve player can only be made prior to starting a match and must be announced. Only 5 players are eligible for prizes.

Team Captains are obligated to take screenshots and report match results within 1 hour of completing the match. If results are not submitted in a timely manner your team will be disqualified.


Each round lasts 1 week.

All matches have an official match time. See your match info page for more info.

Opponents are announced on Tuesdays. Team captains should contact each other to schedule match times. Matches are scheduled for 12:00pm (noon) GMT Saturday. All 3 matches must be played in succession.

If both teams agree alternate match times may be used. KEEP EVIDENCE if you agree to play outside the official match time.

All matches must be complete and reported by 11:59PM GMT on Sunday.

Incomplete matches will result in a draw which will be settled by MOBAFire staff flipping a coin to decide a winner.

You must complete your match and report the results before the end time, or your team may not be able to advance to the next round. If you were unable to post results on time due to actions of your opponent, report the actions promptly.


Both teams must have all (5) players in Custom game lobby within 15 minutes of arranged time.

Any team without 5 players will be disqualified if the opposing team posts a forfeit win.

Before champion picks Team captains have to decide on banned champions in Draft mode (1-2-2-1-1-2). Please make each pick within 30 seconds of the last.

After banning teams decide on their champion picks in Draft mode (1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1-2). Please make each pick within 30 seconds of the last.

Swapping champions with teammates is allowed AFTER all picks.

Match length is limited to 2 hours, at which point the team with the most kills wins.

Surrender is allowed after 20 minutes.

Match results must be screenshoted and posted in the comment section of the individual match. DO NOT post in the general tournament thread topic after every match*.

Post Match:

When you have completed a match, return to the tournament match page and click the "Report Win" or "Report Loss" buttons. Any disputes will be settled by screeshots of the in-game match results screen. We ask that everyone also report their match results in the comments on the match page using the following format:

Round: _______

Winning Team: _______

Forfeit Win: Yes or No (If "Yes" provide an explanation.)

Screenshots: Post results screenshot, this will help ensure quick resolution of any disputes.

Forfeits, Disqualifications, Disputes:

If you have any concerns or claims against an opponent you must raise them immediately by PMing the admins, Matt or FlashJ.

Any disputes must be submitted with evidence to the Admins as soon as possible. If no evidence is provided, we cannot act on a claim.

Any player or team found to be breaking the rules set out above (including eligibility requirements) may be disqualified from this tournament and/or banned from taking part in any future tournaments. Prizes may also be revoked.

MOBAFire reserves the right to refuse entry to any tournament to any individual(s) for any reason or to alter the tournament in any way at our sole discretion.

Results screenshots must be complete shots of the entire in-game results screen including chat area. No partial screenshots will be accepted. Screenshots must not be modified in any way and must be clear of any visual artifacts, including those caused from high levels of compression. Any questionable obstruction will be disregarded immediately, any tampering will be dealt with severely.

By joining the tournament you allow posting of score screen shots containing your in-game summoner name and post-match statistics.