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MOBAFIRE TV - FiredUP #9 - Poros, Betas and News! Report

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Created By Yannis
We are proud to present episode 9 of FiredUP. Our host Heazle will be covering MF and community news and up and coming content from RIOT as well as competitions and giveaways from MFTV.

Video Info:
New ARAM Map:



Summoner Name Cleanup:

LoL Earnings:

SC2 Earnings:


Beta Key:

Infinite Crisis:

Community Cup:

Mobafire Blogs:

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FiredUP - ep 9
Created & Directed by: Yannis Ziakas @
Edited by : Joshua Freeman-Birch (Yehosera @ MF)
Script and Voiceover: Heazle
Music by Mike Booth:
League of Legends Video
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