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Official Riot NewsPatch 9.4 Summary

February 20, 2019
By PsiGuard

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 9.4!

This patch includes a complete rework to the Conqueror rune as well the usual slew of balance updates to champions. Spellthief's Edge and Ancient Coin (and their upgrades) also received nerfs that went live in patch 9.3 to address abuse cases of those items in solo lanes.

In addition to the balance changes, this patch includes a f…
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Two sisters were born from the Aspect of Justice. Kayle, the Righteous, wields celestial might and purges lands of the guilty. Morgana, the Fallen, refused to forsake her people. She bound her wings and receded into shadow, pained by her sister’s choice. Two sisters born from Justice chose opposing paths. They bide their time waiting for the destined day when they cannot evade their
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Official Riot NewsRP update: Cost and refunds

February 19, 2019
By PsiGuard

TL;DR: We’re updating our global pricing and refund policies on March 5th.
  • Several regions will see increased RP prices to account for new tax laws, currency shifts, inflation, and consistency across regions.
  • The new refund policy will return one refund token every year if you are below the cap of three. Additionally, you can now refund most unused content in the client within a we
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Official Riot NewsPatch 9.3 Summary

February 05, 2019
By PsiGuard

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 9.3!

This patch contains the biggest changes of the year so far, with major updates to all the critical strike items as well as a few other Marksman item changes. Some of the most dominant picks in the professional scene like Aatrox, Akali, Cassiopeia and Irelia have also received changes intended to lower their reliability and overall…
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