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League of Legends Strategy Build Guides (LoL)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Midseason 9 Guide Contest! Check out the details below to learn how you can win up to $200 value in prizes!

Midseason 9 Guide Contest
To enter, simply create or update a quality Champion guide and keep it updated throughout the coming month. Your guide (or guides) must fulfill the requirements to be considered a Full Guide (a complete build plus 3,0
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Hey everyone, we've heard your requests loud and clear and the developers have been busy preparing a new guide category devoted to Teamfight Tactics! Now you can create dedicated TFT guides, as well as search for guides for the game mode if you're in a learning mood.

To include your guide among other TFT guides, simply create a new guide or edit an existing one, and you'll see in the Basic Setup …
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