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It's time to announce the winners of our Midseason 9 Guide Contest! There were a lot of fantastic guides that qualified for this contest, but we could only pick three to win in each category. Check out the honorable mentions in each section for more great guides!

Contest Prizes
As a quick reminder, all winners of this contest will receive equal prizing. The winners of any category w
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New Guide Scoring Changes

August 19, 2019
By PsiGuard
Hey everyone, we recently made some adjustments to how guide scores are calculated and I'd like to share the details with you today. We hope these changes help to create a more balanced competition between #1 guides and #2/#3/#4... etc. The changes are largely focused on how voting decay works and which votes are used to calculate a guide's score.

What's Changed?

Guide scores are based on the vo…
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Hey everyone, it's time to promote some more members to the rank of Veteran! This batch of Veterans includes some very helpful users and guide authors that I think many of you will recognize.

Fruxo is one of the most dedicated guide authors I've come across. He recently released a massive Ahri guide and his other guides are no slouches either. He's also a very active member
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Hey everyone, you might have noticed a few guides with YouTube videos embedded at the top of the guide. If you're a guide author with Prime, you might have also seen some nifty new options in the editor. I'm happy to announce that we've added support for YouTube video embedding so those of you with YouTube channels can show off your videos to your readers!

Like Twitch stream embedding, this …
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