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Summer Arena 2012 eSports Central

MOBAFire eSports Central had the great opportunity to chat with MLG's Senior Vice President, Lee Chen. We talked about the League of Legends Summer Arena, the coaching rule, the future, and even a bit about Starcraft 2's future. I would like to thank MLG and Lee for helping us set this up. Without further ado, here is the interview! read more (0 comments)

MLG Summer Arena Day 3 Gallery

by [deleted] August 6, 2012
Disappointed that you couldn't be there to experience the first ever MLG League of Legends Summer Arena? Don't worry! Check out our Day 3 Gallery featuring Azubu Blaze, Curse, Team BLACK, and Team SoloMid. read more (0 comments)

Reapered: "I'm not sure how long we can keep being the best in all the world, but we will try to stay there."

by Alan LaFleur August 6, 2012
It all came down to this. The best of North America, Team Solomid, got their second chance at Azubu Blaze after losing to them 3-0 on Friday. This time they only needed 2 wins to be crowned champions and to change the public opinion that Azubu Blaze was the new king.
read more (3 comments)

Elementz: "What we'd take from them is that grouping and communication are honestly the keys to winning."

by Alan LaFleur August 5, 2012
Azubu Blaze went into day 3 of the MLG Summer Arena undefeated and their eyes firmly planted on the finals. However, they still had one thing to achieve before the finals, an undefeated round robin. The only team in the way of this achievement was Team Curse; the only team that Azubu Blaze said they were scared of. read more (0 comments)

MLG Summer Arena Day 2: TSM bounce back

by Alan LaFleur August 4, 2012
Day 2 of the MLG Summer Arena took place today with 2 match-ups. The first match-up of the day was the Korean juggernauts, Azubu Blaze, against the European newcomers, BLACK. The second match-up was a battle between two top North American teams, Curse vs. Team Solomid. Today set the stage for Sunday where the 3rd round robin match will determine who plays in the Finals. read more (0 comments)

Azubu Blaze torch Team SoloMid on the first day MLG Summer Arena

by Alan LaFleur August 4, 2012
Today marked the first day of the Major League Gaming League of Legends Summer Arena. The tournament was set to feature two invited teams (Team SoloMid and Azubu Blaze) and two teams that made it through an NA Qualifier (Team Curse) and an European Qualifier (BLACK). Unfortunately for the two qualifiers, their teams would not be at 100% as both teams were forced to use substitutes. read more (0 comments)
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August 3 - August 5 2012
New York City, NY

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