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eSports Author Alan LaFleur
Austin 'LiNk' Shin Talks About Upcoming Changes for Season 3

The upcoming changes to the items and mechanics of the game we all love may be a bit confusing. In an effort to clear up the confusion, we talked to one of the brighter minds, LiNk, in the game about the upcoming changes and his views on the changes.

How do you think Crystalline Flask (aka Dota bottle) will affect the laning phase? Will it become a starting item since it is 225 gold?

It will become a popular item if not the item to get on every champion. This will save a lot of money because currently everyone buys 2-3 hp pots on their backs coupled with a ward. I would most likely start with flask and boots while running the biscuit mastery every game. In some scenarios where pots are the success to holding your lane, I would just go for the old 3 pot build. The thing about flask is that pots work while you are being damaged. While it may not lead to super clutch plays like bottle did, having constant sustained regen is nice.

How game breaking will the sight stone be for the laning phase and support players?

Not so game breaking, but it will definitely be nice. In the end, people will still buy wards on the side as sight stone only ensures 2 wards being placed. I think I would pick this up as a mid laner just to keep up constant ward coverage. This item is worth 700 gold, but it provides 4 wards immediately + health. After around 2-3 charges, it will have paid for itself. It also gives health which is extremely helpful. I think this will also promote more counter-warding via pink wards as more wards will be placed on the map. I’m not a fan of constant 100% ward upkeep (like this item provides) but I’m not a fan of constant 100% ward downkeep like old oracles did. This item will probably receive a nerf (and I think it should). If anything, they should apply like a charge timer.

What are your thoughts on Oracle's Elixir being on a 5 minute timer?

GOOD. Honestly, I hate the fact that people can even buy oracles in the first like 5 minutes and completely shut your presence down. I remember games when Chauster would buy oracles on his first back and our mid game transition would be terrible because they would have map control. If anything, I wish they would have placed either a higher price or just a time limit (~after 10 mins you can buy oracles) and then apply a cooldown to buying it. Oracles/wards are THE BEST ways to snowball a game. This game is about map control and pressure.

What item are you most looking forward to?

Bottle > Guinsoo’s Rageblade > Hurricane > Muramuna > Sword of the Divine
I was a big Dota/HoN player and got bottle on every hero. It's very reminiscent and I'm looking forward to not having to buy 3hp/1mana pot on every back ^_^ Rageblade because I'm a huge Nidalee fan and I think the stats on it are pretty sick. Hurricane because new heroes will become viable with attackspeed. I'm just thinking about how I can kite 3 people with a red buff AP Kog'Maw while doing a billion damage from far away. All the other items have really cool and interesting features like Eleisa's Miracle. I’m liking how Riot is expanding beyond the "buy this item -> get this boring stat" to a -> "buy this item -> get this UNIQUE stat that affects your build".

Which AD carries do you see benefitting from Hurricane the most? Hurricane: Your shots fire two secondary ghostly bolts that deal X + 50% of your attack damage to nearby targets. These cannot critically strike but apply on-hit effects.

Kog'Maw/ Graves %dmg + 100% uptime on Grave’s E sounds hilarious. Seems a bit broken too.

What items do you believe supports should rush now?

Depends on the game and the team comp. There are a lot of different things that you can do with these new items especially items that can disable towers. I think supports will buy Mikael's Crucible a lot more. If you can keep your AD carry alive it's a big thing. I'm just thinking about running Nunu, Vayne and an AP Lulu. How will you ever kill Vayne if she has the potential to get 3 cleanses, lifeleech from another target, 1000 health from a Lulu ultimate and 500 health shield. Sounds hilarious. In some cases, it might be better for the support to go locket in order to mitigate damage from AoE like Karthus ultimate.

How do you think Ohmwrecker and the item that gives promote, Banner of Command, will do with pushing strategies?

Awesome. Promote was UNDERRATED. It is such a good summoner spell that not many people explored (as well as Clairvoyance). Ohmwrecker will be nice too. 2.5 seconds is a long time, but for the most part, it's more of a thing for divers honestly.

Has Tiamat become a worthwhile item with the changes and the upgrade, Bloody Hydra?

I don’t think it's that great still. There are better items out there. Like 90% of the AD bruisers should just go Blade of the Ruined King or Black Cleaver. Then they need a defensive item like Guardian Angel. Bloody Hydra doesn't really offer much except the possibility to instantly clear creeps.

The new support items (Kage's Last Breath, Wraith's Collar, and Mikael's Crucible) are not aura items. Do you think we will see a shift away from aura items on support in favor of these items which benefit strictly their carry?

Depends on the game. All of these items have the potential to be good and can even be built by a support jungler like Maokai. This offers more than the old and boring Shurelya's Reverie and Aegis of the Legion. These items offer more offensive and more unique defensive properties. It also promotes team synergy and communication.

What are your thoughts on the tier 3 boots? Do you see them being adopted into play or will they be relegated to specific strategies?

Yes they will be adopted to play. Riot expanded the regular 6 item build on every champion to something more than the boring 6 item build. Tier 3 boots are just an extension of this. Some of the features are worth buying early. I can just imagine a Singed with the laundry item + boots 3 + ultimate + defensive masteries. Never slowed, constantly wreaking havoc.

Do you think the new jungle will put more weight on early counter jungling as opposed to early ganking, as the gold loss will be more significant to the enemy jungler, or will the added difficulty/time taken to kill a camp balance it out so it is the same as now?

No clue how the new jungle will work. Going to be interesting. Jungle already does a lot in this game. If you can carry out of it, it's going to be even more interesting.

There is a lot of theorycrafting discussion about the 11 minute crossover (the point where the new jungle scaling surpasses the current jungle's gold) - what are your views from a gameplay and balance perspective?

Jungle in Dota/HoN can easily surpass laning experience/gold while doing it safely. I don't see why LoL can't do it as well. If people are playing carry/farm junglers then there's one thing the other team can do. 1. Pick a farm/carry jungle or 2. Pick a counterjungler/constant ganker and outpressure the map. It's nice to have the opportunity to have someone carry from the jungle because it opens up more picks and team comps. You could honestly run a Master Yi in the jungle then run a 4 protect 1 comp from your lanes.

Huge thanks to Austin for sharing his knowledge of the game and the new changes. Follow him on Twitter (@L1Nk115) for great insight into the competitive League of Legends scene.

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Embracing (351) | November 29, 2012 5:52am
You talk about ratios. Compare them to Ahri's.

Also you neglect many other factors to consider in a champion such as utility.

Zilean mid has been played a lot more often.
All he has is double bomb. Does that make him an unviable champ?
ofc not lol.
Laggermeister (242) | November 29, 2012 5:49am
Ahri actually has damage, AP Lulu mid doesn't.
Embracing (351) | November 29, 2012 2:39am
So Ahri isn't viable then?
Laggermeister (242) | November 27, 2012 9:56am
bitpik wrote:

Just because its not part of the meta doesnt mean its unviable.

Trust me I'm not saying she's unviable just because I don't see her as part of the meta.

Embracing wrote:

How exactly is AP Lulu not viable?

Has no freaking damage. No impact late game. Abysmal AP ratios - 0.5, 0.6 and 0.5 respectively, two of her skills (including her passive) don't scale at all, and only two damaging skills, one of which you have to choose between damage and a shield.
Embracing (351) | November 26, 2012 3:54am
How exactly is AP Lulu not viable?
bitpik (52) | November 26, 2012 2:26am

Doesn't change the fact that AP Lulu solo lane is unviable, even in a protect-the-carry comp.

Just because its not part of the meta doesnt mean its unviable.
Laggermeister (242) | November 25, 2012 8:58pm
Doesn't change the fact that AP Lulu solo lane is unviable, even in a protect-the-carry comp.
Xeronn (75) | November 25, 2012 8:56pm
The jungle hasn't really changed as much as you'd think :/

The impact isn't so big that you'll have to change what you do entirely, maybe just tweak a thing or two.
Invokee | November 25, 2012 5:12pm

AP Lulu - boy does that guy not know what he's talking about. To get 1000 health from an ult you need 2000 AP.

"I think supports will buy Mikael's Crucible a lot more. If you can keep your AD carry alive it's a big thing. I'm just thinking about running Nunu, Vayne and an AP Lulu."

Mikael's Crucible:

Unique Active: Removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an ally and heals them for 150 + 15% of their missing health. (180 second cooldown)
Laggermeister (242) | November 25, 2012 3:35pm
AP Lulu - boy does that guy not know what he's talking about. To get 1000 health from an ult you need 2000 AP.
Alex Nikolaou (1) | November 25, 2012 1:20pm
Nice. LiNk OP. They should do what he said with oracles.
Pluckin Penguin (117) | November 25, 2012 9:06am



The credibility of all jungle guides are soon to vanish. Must update them fast :-/
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