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LG-IM vs ahq Korea: Analysis of level 1 and how vision wins games eSports Central

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LG-IM vs ahq Korea: Analysis of level 1 and how vision wins games

Level ones are highly dependent on the champions that are picked. Champions with hard CC like Taric or Lux are amazing and oftentimes catching out someone with that is a surefire first blood. Other champions with brush checking abilities such as Ezreal and Karthus are also strong to scout for enemies in brushes. With that in mind, let's take a look at the picks and bans for this game.

Picks and Bans

Picks & Bans
a Lilac
ahq Korea


Right off the bat, LG-IM ban out Lee Sin, one of ActScene's most comfortable junglers. ActScene commonly starts the Elixir of Fortitude because it enables him to have stronger ganks and means that he isn't forced to get a Hunter's Machette. ahq Korea reply with a Kha'Zix aimed towards Midking to hopefully prevent him from carrying with someone that could get resets. LG-IM continue the bans with Ryze, clearly towards HooN due to his proficiency with that champion. ahq, targeting the newcomer Smeb, ban out his Elise, further reducing his already small champion pool for a top laner.

LG-IM was a bit hesitant at their last ban, but they finally chose to ban out Sona because she's such a versatile support and the Crescendo can be used both offensively and defensively. Finally, ahq ban out another one of Smeb's champions, Shen, leaving him with effectively Jayce and Rumble to play at a proficient level.


Off the bat, LG-IM hover over Twisted Fate, who had a 100% pick and ban rate before this game. They recognize that Smeb has a poor champion pool and combined with Midking's ability to play many mid chammapions, they finally settle down with Jayce. ahq Korea make their picks fairly quickly, picking Jarvan IV for ActScene who can really use the power of Jarvan's early ganking ability well. They also pick Thresh, an all around great champion for both engaging and peeling.

Not wanting to reveal their other solo laner, a Lilac picks up Nasus, a fairly safe jungler who can shut down the enemy AD carry with his Wither along with his Spirit Fire reducing the enemy's armor so that the previously picked Jayce can hit them with more powerful Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combinations. They also pick up Lulu, who can peel and engage like Thresh can. However, this enables HooN to pick up Twisted Fate, which against the current team is effective because he doesn't have to worry about hard CC ganks from the jungler. They also pick up Miss Fortune, who does well with the amount of peel that ahq have. Both the Jarvan IV and Thresh ultimates can CC the enemy team for a long period of time, preventing them from getting to Miss Fortune and stopping the Bullet Time.

Paragon picks up his AD carry, Tristana, who is one of the safest AD carries with her self escape and disengage. Additionally, she's an extreme late game powerhouse and with Lulu, can shove waves really easily. They also pick up Diana as their last champion and actually give it over to Smeb. With ahq's last pick, they pick up one of Trace's favorite champions, Rengar. Rengar's passive along with his abilities enable him to juke enemy champions and build many ways.

Level 1

Level 1 Analysis

From the picks, ahq has the stronger level 1. Both Twisted Fate's Gold Card and Thresh's Death Sentence can catch people off guard and enable the rest of the team to get there. Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard can be used to check brushes for enemy team members. Meanwhile, four out of 5 of the members have brush checking capabilties for their commonly taken level 1 abilities and while Diana, Jayce, and Lulu have hard CC in their kits, it's rare for them to take it level 1 unless a teamfight actually occurs.

Warding Locations

So straight off the bat, both teams run down mid lane in order to prepare wards. Lasha Sight Wards the mid lane brush near dragon at around the 0:35 mark. Because of this, ahq Korea manage to four man invade the enemy blue and with the early power of Rengar, force a Lilac to base in order to heal off any damage taken. Thresh then proceeds to ward the enemy blue buff at 0:47.

While that's happening, Jarvan IV is standing near their mid tower and throws a flagstand into a brush in order to check it. Lasha then wards the brush near the mid lane brush that was already warded at the 0:57 mark. It shows that LG-IM are incredibly afraid of ActScene invading a Lilac in their own jungle. Knowing this fear, ahq Korea run in as 5 people and ward the brush at 1:16 closest to the enemy wraiths so they can see when Nasus runs from the wolves area to the wraiths. With five enemy players at their wraiths, LG-IM runs into the enemy wraiths and places a similar ward at the 1:24 mark. With all this in mind, this is what the map looks like:

With the wraiths ward in the enemy jungle, ahq Korea spot Midking and Smeb trying to take their Wraiths in order to hit a faster level 2. HooN and Trace manage to stop them from taking the blue wraith, which is the one that matters. The original idea was to have ahq initiate the lane swap, which is why Miss Fortune and Thresh went to help ActScene do red buff. However, LG-IM spot this with their own ward at the enemy wraiths and call the lane swap, leading to the normal 2v2 lane bot and 1v1 lane top. However, this means that Trace can run free.

With vision of the blue buff, Trace jumps out from the brush and lands on top of the blue buff. He immediately pops Ignite on a Lilac as well as his Elixir of Fortitude and starts attacking him, instantly bringing him down to 15%. a Lilac flashes over the wall next to Smeb but unfortunately, Smeb took Pale Cascade first on Diana, meaning he had no peel for a Lilac. Trace continues chasing and utilizes the top tribrush well, enabiling him to jump on top of Nasus one more time and with another Q, grab first blood. To make things even better for Trace, he continues fighting and manages to get Diana down to 60%, getting himself lowered down to 60% also in the process.

a Lilac knew that the only way that Rengar could jump out like that is if they had blue buff warded, so he runs off to go do red buff instead. He doesn't stop by wraiths first because due to the five man walk, he knows his wraiths are warded so he takes the path closer to double golems instead. Unfortunately for a Lilac, what he doesn't know is Jarvan IV invaded his Wraiths and is waiting for Nasus to start red buff. The reason for this is the ward near the mid lane brush was the Explorer's Ward, which only lasts for 60 seconds and therefore means that Nasus has no idea that Jarvan IV is in his jungle.

Trace's jungle knowledge comes in hand in this invasion. He didn't see Nasus run to blue again and he didn't see Nasus approaching from the wraiths area so the only way left for Nasus to walk into his own jungle is next to double golems. He clears the enemy wraith camp, waits a bit, and then catches out a Lilac at his own red buff. With red buff as well as help from Loray's Thresh, they manage to kill a Lilac twice before the 3:30 mark. With this, Nasus jungle is effectively stopped. To make things even worse for a Lilac, Trace steals red buff and then later on steals the blue buff with the help of HooN's Twisted Fate leaving only the little camps for Nasus jungle.

The remainder of this game continues on in much of a curbstomp. An early three man tower dive forces Smeb to back and a Lilac dies trying to fend off the enemy tower. With no one to stop Twisted Fate from free farming, he pressures the map with his ultimate. Trace builds Rengar with a Youmuu's Ghostblade in order to kill people faster. ahq Korea win this game handily but unfortunately do not make it to the bracket stage because they lose to Najin Shield in terms of KDA per minute by 0.005.

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