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MLG Summer Arena Day 2: TSM bounce back eSports Central

eSports Author Alan LaFleur
MLG Summer Arena Day 2: TSM bounce back

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Day 2 of the MLG Summer Arena took place today with 2 match-ups. The first match-up of the day was the Korean juggernauts, Azubu Blaze, against the European newcomers, BLACK. The second match-up was a battle between two top North American teams, Curse vs. Team Solomid. Today set the stage for Sunday where the 3rd round robin match will determine who plays in the Finals.

After Day 1, the sentiment about Azubu Blaze is that they are the best team in the world. Some of the competitive League of Legends community is already placing them in the finals of the Season 2 World Championship and quite frankly they are the best looking team right now. Often times, League of Legends top teams are determined by who can stay ahead of the curve. Right now, Azubu Blaze is way ahead of the curve.

Azubu Blaze vs. BLACK

Blaze decided to focus on a little bit of a different aggressive strategy against BLACK. Instead, of focusing on turrets, they focused on kills. The first game, BLACK was able to hang in for the first 15 minutes. The European team had a lead at one point in time but a bad engagement tilted them against the Korean Team.

A quick note from this match, Azubu Blaze often times play like they are are all controlled by a Korean Starcraft player; the reactions of all 5 are just so instant and fluid that it is hard to believe it is 5 different people.

The 2nd and 3rd game wasn't near as close. Both games got out of control of BLACK with Azubu Reapered and Azubu Ambition both having big roles to play in the snowballing. When I asked Reapered how he was so good the man responded:

The stats for Azubu were impressive:

Again with the dominance of Azubu Reapered - The gold doesn't lie:

TSM vs Curse

Before we get to the series of Curse vs. Team Solomid there was some friendly trash talking from Curse's Pobelter!


The action starts again tomorrow at 10 AM EST. The Korean wrecking machine Azubu Blaze takes on Curse, and at 12:30 PM EST TSM faces Team BLACK. The finals are set to begin at roughly 3 PM EST, and with the way this tournament has been going it's sure to be an exciting one.

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